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One of my cat's can't seem to get along with the other?

2020.06.14 09:36 Readylamefire One of my cat's can't seem to get along with the other?

Hi, I need some advice. We, my partners and I, own three cats. Sake, Udon, Goma. Sake was my first cat, about 5 years old and the oldest. He's unusually big, 16 pounds is his target weigh, and he's currently 20 -We're working on his diet- and Udon, also 5, was my second. Udon is a nervous cat. He was the type to jump back into his cage at the adoption center, scared of anything new. He crawled into my coat pocket and I took him home the next day. He's nervous, born in a barn, but incredibly cuddly. He's the first to hiss at you when you walk through the door and the first to cuddle in your lap if you make a circle with your legs.
And Goma is the newest. 9 months old, he's a sparky cat with a bold streak, and communicative voice, but no cat skills. He doesn't slow blink, he still nurses on his favorite people, and he drives Udon absolutely bonkers. Sake and Goma can cuddle now, but Udon and him just do not like each other. Goma is brash and likes to play. Udon is shy and timid and takes everything as an aggressive front. I'm at a loss, because I think the two boys could really be snuggly with eachother if I could get them to each let their guard down. I've tried feliway, we've tried rubbing them with used shirts, and I've even brushed them with the same brush.
Anything else you guys might have in mind?
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2019.11.18 09:27 Zalogon Los Kanji Perdidos (Primaria 3)

者 Individuo; sujeto; persona

訓読み- もの
音読み- シャ
者(もの) Un individuo; sujeto; persona. Se usa en situaciones formales, documentos legales y en settings militares. Aunque también se usa en animes de fantasía para sonar mas “medieval” como Marth en smash bros:
守るべきもののために、負けられない。Por las personas que debo proteger, no puedo perder.
若者(わかもの) Personas jóvenes
若者は老ウジンを譲るべきだ。The young should make room for the old
若者は専科というものを頭でしか知らない。Young people know the disasters of war only in the abstract
記者(きしゃ) Reportero
医者(いしゃ) Médico
患者(かんじゃ) Paciente
科学者(かがくしゃ) Scientifico
研究者(けんきゅうしゃ) investigador
労働者(ろうどうしゃ) Empleado
芸者(げいしゃ) Geisha
賢者の石(けんじゃのいし) Piedra filosofal

取 to get

訓読み- と
音読み- No importa tanto
取る(とる) to get
もう少しで満点が取れたのに I almost got a perfect score
車の免許を突りにく。 I’m going to go get my driver’s licence
君はどこで学位をとりましたか。Where did you take your degree?
今学期はスペイン語をとている。 I’m going to take Spanish next semester
欲しいだけクッキーをとりなさい。Take as many cookies as you want
長男の名前はおじさんの名前からとりました。 My first son was named after my uncle
クリームチーズ取ってくれる? Would you pass me the cream cheese?
一週間の休みを取った。He took a week off
長い休暇を取る余裕がない I cannot afford a long vacation
メモを取りなさい。You should make notes
取り替える (とりかえる) reemplazar; cambiar; restaurar
プリンターの空のインクを取り替えて下さい Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer
もっと大きいのと取り替えてください If it's possible, I'd like to exchange this for a larger size
タイヤを取り替えなくてはならないay que cambiar los neumáticos.
取り戻す(とりもどす) Recuperar
無駄にした時間を取り戻さなければならない。 Debes recuperar el tiempo perdido
花は雨のあと生気を吐露戻した。The flowers got their vitality back after the rain
彼女はきを失ったが、すうふんごに意識を取り戻した。Perdió la conciencia pero la recuperó luego de unos minutos
やっと本調子を取り戻した。 I have finally regained my regular form
健康を取り戻すのに丸一年かかった。Me tomó todo un año recuperar mi salud
先頭後、平和維持軍が平穏を取り戻すために活動しました。Después de la guerra, las tropas de paz tomaron acción para restaurar la calma.
取り上げる(とりあげる) Tiene varios significados…
  1. To adopt a proposal
会議で彼の提案が取り上げられた。 His proposals were adopted at the meeting
彼の提案は話にとりあげるほどのこともない His proposal is not worth talking about
  1. Feature; darle atención; sacar a la Luz;
全新聞がその事件を大きく取り上げた All the papers featured the case
彼はしばしは国民的英雄として取り上げられています。He is often referred to as a national hero
  1. Decomisar; confiscar >向こう見ずな運転の為彼は免許を取り上げられた。Le confiscaron la licencia por su forma imprudente de conducir.
銀行に家を取り上げられてしまいそうなんだよ I'm afraid the bank is going to repossess my house
警官は少年からナイフを取り上げた。The policeman took the knife from the boy
  1. 問題を取り上げる To take up a problem; encargarse de un problema
この件は昼食後にふたたび取り上げよう。 Let’s take up this matter after lunch
  1. Literal tomar y levantar
彼はペンを取り上げて書き始めた。 Levantó su lápiz y comenzó a escribir.
取り消す(とりけす) cancelar; take back
この切符を取り消せますか Can I cancel this ticket
私は彼女との約束を取り消しいた。I canceled an appointment with her.
私がケチだと言ったことを取り消しなさい。Take back what you said about me being stingy
今言ったことは蹴りします。I take back what I said
彼は大将に命令を取り消すうように頼んだ。 He asked the general to take back his order
取り出す(とりだす) take out
彼は数枚のコインを取り出した He took out some coins
彼はコインを1枚ポケットかっら取り出した。 He took a coin out of his pocket.
彼は海水から塩を結晶させて取り出した。 He crystallized salt from the sea water.
取り除く(とりのぞく) Deshacerse
悪習を取り除くのは容易ではない no es fácil deshacerse de malos hábitos
その肖像画は壁から取り除かれた the portrait was taken from the wall
私は庭から雑草を取り除いた I rid the garden go the weeds
靴から泥を取り除いてください。Please remove the mud from your shoes

酒 licor

訓読み- うけ
音読み- シュ
お酒(おさけ) booze
日本酒(にほんしゅ) Japanese booze; sake
酒飲み(さけのみ) Heavy drinker
飲酒運転(いんしゅうんてん) Drunk driving
居酒屋(いざかや) izakaya

受 Recibir

訓読み- うけ
音読み- ジュ
受ける(うける) Receive
受け取る(うけとる) tomar algo que se te ha sido entregado (no cuenta si no te lo entregaron); tomar; aceptar
けさ、宅配便(たくはいびん)を受け取りました。 I got a FedEx package this morning.
自尊心があるから彼はそのお金を受け取らなかった。His pride did not allow him to take the money
この贈り物は受け取れません。 I cannot accept this gift.
Another meaning of 「受け取る」is to interpret A as B.
わたしは彼が何も言わないのをYesだと受け取りました。I understood his silence meant "Yes".
個人的な話にうけとらないで Don’t take it personally
私は彼女の言うことを文字どおりに受け取った I took what she said literally.
彼女は私の言葉を侮辱と受け取ったようだ。 She seems to have taken my remark as an insult
受け入れる(うけいれる) recibiaceptar una idea o a una persona
田中さんをチームに受け入れました。We welcomed Mr.Tanaka as a member of our team.
彼のアイデアはすばらしいですが、受け入れることができません。 His idea is nice, but we can't accept it.
引き受ける(ひきうける) tomar responsabilidad de algún duty
彼は難しい仕事を引き受けた He took on the difficult work
彼の息子が工場の経営を引き受けた His son took on the management of the factory
これ以上仕事を引き受けられない I can't take any more work
たとえそれが嫌いでも、あなたはその世話を引き受けなければならない Even if you do not like it, you must take charge of it
友だちが旅行へ行くので、彼女の犬の世話せわを引き受けました。A friend of mine is going to travel, so I agreed to take care of her dog.)
受け付ける(うけつける) Aceptar una solicitud, documento
電話でもう受け付けていますよ。We take telephone orders
申し込みは明日までう受け付けます Las aplicaciones serán aceptadas hasta mañana
後になってテスト提出しても、受け付けられえません。If you turn in a test late, it will not be accepted
受付(うけつけ) Reception desk
受領書(じゅりょうしょ) Receipt

主 main

訓読み- ぬし・おも
音読み- シュ
主(ぬし) The chief; the head; la persona a cargo
君は君自身の運命の主でもあります。You are the master of your own destiny.
主人(しゅじん) Master
おかえりなさいませ、ご主人様。Welcome home master.
男性が一家の主ということはアメリカ社旗に当てはまる。It is true of American society that the male is the head of the household 何をするにも人に対してでなく、主に対するように、心から働きなさい。 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men
農園主になりたいなあ。とピップが言いましいた。 I want to be a farmer, said pip
主に(おもに) Mainly; mostly; for the most part; mas que nada
日本人は以前は主に米を主食としていた。The Japanese used to live mainly on rice
今日は主にホームレスの問題を取り上げます。 Today we’re going to focus on the question of homeless people
乗船客は主に日本人だった。 The passengers on board were mostly Japanese.
彼の病気は主に静止イン的な者だった。Su enfermedad era mas que nada mental.
主語(しゅご) El sujeto de la oración
主人公(しゅじんこう) main character
主題歌(しゅだいか) Theme song
主張(しゅちょう) Claim; to advocate for
彼は自分の主張を立証で来ないことをとても恥だ。He was very ashamed of not being able to make his point
彼は自分の意見を強硬に主張した。He strongly persisted in arguing his opinion.
太郎は自分の言い訳が正しいと主張した。Taro insisted that he was right
彼女はその土地の所有者だと主張した。She claimed to be the owner of the land
彼は自分の潔白を主張した。 He affirmed his innocence
客観的にみて、彼の主張は全く理にかなっていなかった His argument was far from rational
彼は大学教育の改革を主張している。 He advocates reform in university education
彼女は女性差別撤廃を主張した。She advocated equal rights for women
飼い主(かいぬし) Dueño de una mascota
主要(しゅよう) key; main; most important; most relevant
貧困は以前として犯罪の主要原因である。Poverty is still the major cause of crime
猫が気持ちを伝える主要なやり方は身震いである。The prime means of communication in cats is body language
主要な目的を見失ってはならない。No pierdas de vista to objetivo principal
コーヒーはブラジルの主要産物の一つである。 Coffee is one of the staples of Brazil
持ち主(もちぬし) portador
彼女はハイセンスの持ち主ですよ Ella es portadora un gran sentido de la moda
あなたほどの才能の持ち主が世間に知られずにいるのは惜しいことです。Es una pena, que un hombre que porta una habilidad como la suya no sea conocido por el mundo.
魅力的な個性の持ち主い Portador de una personalidad encantadora
彼はすごれた記憶力の持ち主。He has a remarkable memory
主義(しゅぎ) Principios; forma de pensar; -ism
主義を貫く Live up to one’s principles
嘘をつくことはワタ主義に反する。It is against my principles to tell a lie 悲観主義は、向上することを信じいないのだ Pessimism believes in no improvement
彼は利己主義の化身だ He is the personification of selfishness
私は交互に楽観主義になったり悲観主義になる I am by turns an optimist and a pessimist
共産主義(きょうさんしゅぎ) Comunismo
資本主義(しほんしゅぎ) Capitalismo
民主主義(みんしゅしゅぎ) Democracia
無政府主義(むせいふしゅぎ) Anarquía
封建主義(ほうけんしゅぎ) Feudalismo

守 cuidar

訓読み- まも
音読み- シュウ
守る proteger
見守る(みまもる) look after someone; vigilar; cuidar
留守(るす) andar fuera de casa
友達は留守だった The friend was absent
彼女は九州に行って留守です。she’s away in kyushu
彼は旅行に出て留守だ。He's away on a trip.
留守番(るすばん) look after the house while someone is away
今日は私、留守番を言い付かっているから出かけられないの。I can't go out today as I've been asked to watch the house.
留守番電話(るすばんでんわ) Contestadora automática
看守(かんしゅ) Prison guard

州 State

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- シュウ
カリフォルニア州(かりふぉるにあしゅう) El estado de california
本州(ほんしゅう) La isla principal de Japón
九州(きゅうしゅう) La isla del sur de japón

習 Tomar lecciones

訓読み- なら
音読み- シュウ
習う(ならう) tomar lecciones; Aprender de alguien
あなたはロング先生に英語を習ったのですね。You learned English from Miss Long, didn’t you?
ピアノを習っています I’m learning to play the piano (from a teacher)
友達からカップケーキの作り方を習いました。Learned how to make cupcakes from a friend
練習(れんしゅう) Practicar
学習(がくしゅう) Aprendizaje
機械学習 aprendizaje automático
自主学習ノート Self-learning notebook

終 Invierno

訓読み- ふゆ
音読み- トウ
冬休み(ふゆやすみ) Winter break
冬眠(とうみん) Hibernación

集 Colección

訓読み- あつ
音読み- シュウ
集める(あつめる) Recolectar; coleccionar; to gather stuff
リスは忙しく木の実を集めていた。 La ardilla estaba ocupada recolectando nueces.
彼は切手をたくさん集めた el coleccionaba estampas
そのゲームは大観衆を集めた The game drew a good crowd
彼女の趣味は古いコインを集めることだった。 Su hobby era coleccionar monedas viejas
集まる(あつまる) se juntan; to be gathered
何千人もの人々がそこに集まった Miles de personas se juntaron en ese lugar
編集(へんしゅう) Editar (es lo que usan cuando editas stages de smash uwu)
集中(しゅうちゅう) Concentrarse. Casi siempre se refiere a concentración mental, pero también se puede referir a la densidad de algo
彼の仕事の大半が都市部に集中している。The bulk of his work is in the urban area.
太郎は英単語を暗記するのに集中した Taro concentrated on memorizing English words.
私は読書に集中していた Me estaba concentrando en leer
募集中(ぼしゅうちゅう) NOW HIRING

住 Residir

訓読み- す
音読み- ジュウ
住む(すむ) Residir
東京に住んでいます。I live in Tokyo
おじと住んでます。I live with my uncle
住所(じゅうしょ) Address
住民(じゅうみん) Residentes
原住民(げんじゅうみん) Residente Nativo
住まい(すまい) dwelling

拾 pick up

訓読み- ひろ
音読み- シュウ
拾う(ひろう) Recoger 彼は床からハンカチを拾った Recogió un pañuelo del suelo
収集(しゅうしゅう) Coleccionar
彼の趣味は珍しい蝶の収集だ。Su hobbies es la colección de mariposas raras
その収集品は一般に公開されている。The collection is open to the public
収拾つかなくなる(しゅうしゅうがつかなくなる) la situación se sale de control

重 peso

訓読み- おも・かさ
音読み- ジュウ
重ねる(かさなる) acumular cosas del mismo tipo; Amontonar; Apilar
悪事を重ねる Amontonar crímenes
机の上には漫画本が重ねてあった The comic books were piled on the desk
重なる(かさねる) Se acumulan cosas de la misma categoría
この本は8版を重ねました The book has gone through eight editions
用紙は3枚重ねて出してください Hand in the three sheets of paper together
重要(じゅうよう) esencial; importante
吸うポーつうは社会生活の中で重要な役割を果たす Los deportes desempeñan un papel importante en la vida social
テレビは日常生活で重要な役割を果たす。La TV juega un rol importante in la vida diaria
体重(たいじゅう) Peso corporal; lo que pesa una persona
重点(じゅうてん) importancia; énfasis; priority
同社の当面の重点はマーケットシェアの拡大である The company's immediate priority is to expand the market share
討論での重点は失業問題であった In the discussion the accent was on unemployment
二重(にじゅう) double
この単語には二重の意味があります Esta palabra tiene doble significado.
このような形を二重否定といいますが、結果として肯定を表すこととなります This sort of structure is called a double negative, but in effect it shows affirmation.
普段はとてもおとなしいナイスガイだが、理性のタガがはずれると人格が豹変する二重人格。 He's got a dual personality - usually a quiet "nice guy" type, but when he flips, his character changes.
二重奏(にじゅうそう) Dúo musical

宿 Lodge at

訓読み- やど
音読み- シュク
新宿区(しんじゅくく) The Shinjuku district
宿題(しゅくだい) Tarea; homework
宿泊(しゅくはく) Stay the night
6人宿泊させてほしい。We need accommodation for 6 people
そのホテルは500人宿泊できる。 This hotel can accommodate 500 people
スーはロイヤルホテルで宿泊手続きをした。Sue checked in at the royal hotel
ここに宿泊している人と話をしたいのですが。I’d like to talk to one of your guests.
雨宿(あめやどり) Taking shelter from rain
下宿(げしゅく) boarding house
私は下宿しています。I live in a rooming house

訓読み- ところ
音読み- ショ
所(ところ) Lugar. Puede usarse de forma literal o de forma metafórica. También se le acerca a como usamos la palabra “punto” en español
  1. Un punto geográfico donde algo se encuentra algo (un lugar) >彼女はここから数区画離れたところに住んでいる。 She lives a few blocks away from here
窓の外を見たとき、戸口の上り段のところに見知らぬ人が見えた。looking out the window, I saw a stranger at the doorstep
その町は海抜1500メートルのところにある。 The town is situated 1500 meters above sea level
野生の猿が見つかったという知らせがその警官のところにたくさん届いた。 llegaron muchos reportes de un mono salvaje al lugar de los policías.
  1. Un punto refiriéndose a una cualidad de una persona. >彼はどことなく謎めたい所がある。There’s something mysterious about him.
彼は若い頃は傲慢なところがあった。When he was young, he had an arrogant air.
  1. Un punto en el tiempo; Un punto de tu vida >家主に家賃を払えば、食物を買う金なくなる。進退極まったとうういうところだ。If we pay the rent to the landlady, we won’t have any money for food; we are between the devil and the deep blue sea.
彼女はディナーを食べている所です。She’s having dinner right now.
ちょうど荷造りが終わったとコッロですう。I’ve just finished packing
大ボスを倒す所だ。 I’m about to beat the biggest monster
場所(ばしょ) Un sitio. Un lugar que ocupa literal una posición en el espacio físico.
住所(じゅうしょ) Adress
事務所(じむしょ) Oficina
台所(だいどころ) Kitchen
近所(きんじょ) Neighbourhood
刑務所(けいむしょ) Prisión
長所(ちょうしょ) Virtud(en personas); ventaja (en cosas)
短所(たんしょ) Defecto; desventaja

訓読み- あつ
音読み- ショ
暑い(あつい) Caluroso
蒸し暑い(むしあつい) Sultry; caluroso y humedo
炎暑(えんしょ) Heat wave
暑がり(あつがり) Person sensitive to hot weather

助 Ayudar

訓読み- たす
音読み- ジョ
助ける(たすける) To save someone;
助けてください! ashudenme porfa uwu
助かる(たすかる) To be saved
助け(たすけ) Ayuda
彼は多数けを求める叫び声を聞いた。He hearrd a cry for help
助言(じょげん) Advice; Consejo
遠慮しないで助言を求めなさい。Don’t hesitate to ask for advice
教師は色々と助言をするが、生徒はいつも聞き入れるわけではない。Although teaches give a lot of advice, students son’t always take it.
救助(きゅうじょ) Rescate
この犬は山岳地で人を救助するように訓練されています。Este perro está entrenado para rescatar gente en las montañas
彼らは通りかかった船に救助された。Ellos fueron rescatados por un barco que pasaba.
彼rは溺れている少年を救助した。He rescued a boy from drowning
援助(えんじょ) aid/assitance
法律上の援助を求めてその弁護士のところへえ行った。I went to the lawyer for legal aid
彼らは援助を申し出た。They offered assistance
彼らはその画家を財政的に援助した。The assisted the painter financially
援助交際(えんじょこうさい) Relación de un sugar daddy con una joven.


訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ショウ
昭和時代(しょうわじだい) Era showa (1926-1989)

消 Desaparecer

訓読み- き・け
音読み- ショウ
消す(けす) Apagar; desaparecer
電気を消すのを忘れないで Don't forget to turn the light off
出るときには必ず火を消しなさい Be sure to put the fire out before you leave
消える(きえる) apagarse; desaparecerse
闇の炎に抱かれて消えろ! Be embraced by the dark flames and disappear!
消極的(しょうきょくてき) Passive
観察は消極的な科学であり、実験は積極的な科学である Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science
消しゴム(けしごむ) Goma de borrar
消去(しょうきょ) To delete a file
セーブされたゲームは破損しているようで、利用できません。ゲームを終了した後、セーブデータを消去してからやり直してください。The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Please quit the game and then restart after removing the save data.
消防士(しょうぼうし) Bombero
消防署(しょうぼうしょ) Estación de bomberos

商 business

訓読み- あきな
音読み- ショウ
商い(あきない) business transaction; trading; trade
商店街(しょうてんがい) Shotengai; el mercado japonés
商売(しょうばい) A business
商人(しょうにん) Negociante; Vendedor
商業(しょうぎょう) Comercio

章 Sentence;Oración/Badge

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ショウ
文章(ぶんしょう) Sentence. Written document
文章は大文字で書き始めなくてはならない。 You must begin a sentence with a capital letter.
日本では結婚は文章で届け得なければならない。 The marriage must be reported in a document in Japan
その文章にはメモがクリップでつけられていた。 A not was attached to the document with a paper clip
腕章(わんしょう) Armband
勲章(くんしょう) Badge

勝 Ganar

訓読み- か・まさ
音読み- ショウ
勝つ(かつ) Ganar
勝る(まさる) Sobrepasar; Ser mejor que; ser preferible
知恵は富に勝る Wisdom is better than the riches
予防は治療にはるかに勝る。 Prevention is much preferable to cure
二人の頭脳は一人の頭脳に勝る。Dos cabezas son mejor que una
勝ち(かち) Victoria;
勝利(しょうり) Victoria; triunfo; éxito (suena mas oficial/formal que 勝ち)
戦闘はローマグ運の大勝利に終わった。The battle ended in a triumph for the Romans
コーチはチームを勝利に導いた。 The coach steered the team to victory.
勝負(しょうぶ) competencia; match
ボブはスケートではきみといい勝負だ。Bob is a good match for you in skating
勝負は問題ではない。It doesn’t matter wether you win or not.
魔王が神に野球で勝負を挑んだ。El diablo retó a dios a una competencia de baseball.
勝手に(かってに) De forma desconsiderada; sin consideración
決勝(けっしょう) Batalla final; las finales (deportes)
優勝(ゆうしょう) Overall victory (even if you lost some games)

乗 To ride.

訓読み- の
音読み- ジョウ
乗る(のる) subirse a un carro, caballo, autobus; to get on
サーファーたちは波頭に乗った. Surfers rode on the crests of waves
乗せる(のせる) to get a ride; to be put on
駅まで乗せて行ってもらえる Can you give me a ride to the station?
トッピングは全部乗せてください。I want all the toppings
乗せられるのは100キロがマックスです。A load of 100KG is the max
乗り遅れる(のりおくれる) To miss a ride
乗り換える(のりかえる) Transfer to a different train
乗客(じょうきゃく) Pasajero 乗り込む(のりこむ) entrar en un vehículo o situación; to get into
敵地に乗り込む entrar en territorio enemigo
搭乗(とうじょう) abordar un avión o un barco

植 Planta

訓読み- う
音読み- ショク
植える(うえる) Plantar una planta
植わる(うわる) La planta es plantada
植物(しょくぶつ) Planta
移植(いしょく) Transplantar
母は庭へ花を移植した Mother transplanted the flowers to the garden
アメリカの文化はヨーロッパから移植されたものだ。 Thee American culture had been transplanted from Europe
彼は手術するかどうかは、移植する臓器の提供次第だ。 Wether he has the operation depends upon the avilability of the organ
外科医は私を説得して、臓器の移植手術をう受けることに同意させた。The surgeon persuaded me to undergo an organ transplant operation
その植民地は独立を宣言し、共和国となった。 The colony declared independence and became a republic
フランスはアフリカにいたくさん植民地を持っていた。 France used to have many colonies win Africa
植木(うえき) Garden shrubs

申 To humbly say; to apply

訓読み- もう
音読み- シン
申します (もうします) forma humilde de decir 言う a un superior
申し訳ありません。No tengo excusas u_u (SORRY)
申し込む(もうしこむ) Aplicar
彼はそのクラブへの入会を申し込んだ。He applied for an admission to the club
彼はその会社に職を申し込んだ。 He applied for a position in the office.
申し込み(もうしこみ) Aplicación (para lugares donde quieres participar)
申し込みは明日まで受け付けます。Hasta mañana se aceptan aplicaciones
申請(しんせい) Application; Filing (Para documentación. Va a quedar un record de esto)
離婚を申請する To file for divorce
彼女はビザを申請した Ella aplicó para una Visa


訓読み- み
音読み- シン
身(み) The Self.
酒で彼は身を崩した Alcohol brought about his downfall;
私主たる関心事はあなたの身の安全なのです。 My primary concern is your safety.
べっどん身を横えた。He laid himself on the bed
それはみにあまる光栄です。The honor is more than I deserve
身につく(みにつく) to become part of the self; to retain (a skill; habit, fat in your belly, etc…)
大丈夫。それが全部身についてもたったの70グラムだよ。It’s okay, even if I get fatter, it’s only 70 grams lol
身の程知らず(みのほどしらず) No conocer tu lugar en la sociedad. Tengo entendido que esto generalmente es negativo, como decir que una persona es “entitled”, pero he notado que NIKE lo usa de forma positiva en el sentido de (“olvida quien eres & just do it!)
自身(じしん) Confianza en uno mismo
出身(しゅっしん) Origen; orinario
その婦人は良家の出身であった. That lady came from a good family
ジョンはフロリダ、そして奥さんはカリフォルニア出身だ John comes from florida, and his wide from California.
身元(みもと) Identity
彼は身元を明らかさなかった。He didn’t reveal his identity
その犯人は自分の身元を隠さなければならなかった。The criminal had to conceal his identity
身長(しんちょう) Estatura. Height of a person
中身(なかみ) Contents
彼はコップの中身を飲み干した Se tomó todo el contendió del vaso
札入れの中身が紛失していた。El contenido de la billetera estaba desaparecido.
身分(みぶん) Social Status; position;
これは身分不相応な贅沢な物だ。This is luxury beyond my income
彼は身分のある人です。 He is a man of position
身分証明書(みぶんしょうめいしょ) ID Card

真 Really; truly

訓読み- ま
音読み- シン
(真っ) Prefijo que intensifica adjetivos…
真っ赤(まっか) Rojo fuerte; really red
真っ白い(まっしろい) really white
真っすぐ(まっすぐ) straight
この道を真っすぐ行ってください。 Go straight ahead on this street
会議が終わると彼女は真っすぐに机に戻った。 After the meeting she went straight to her desk
彼は鉛筆で真っすぐな線を描いた。He drew a straight line with his pencil
彼は私の目を真っすぐみた。He looked at me straight in the eye
彼は真っすぐ僕うの方へ近づいてきました。He came straight up to me
真ん中(まんなか) En medio
私たちの車は通りの真ん中で故障した。Se nos descompuso el carro en medio de la calle
真実(しんじつ) The truth
真実を言う Decir la verdad
その陳述を真実と認める。 I accept that statement as true
真実と空言を区別するのは難しい。Es dificil distinguir la verdad de palabras vanas
真実に迫る(しんじつにせまる) Acercarse a la verdad
写真(しゃしん) foto
真似る(まねる) imitar
子供は親の癖を真似る Los niños imitan las mañas de sus padres
オウムは人間の言葉を真似る。Parrots imitate human speech

深 Profundo

訓読み- ふか
音読み- シン
風かい(ふかい) deep
彼は深い眠りに落ちた。 He fell into a deep sleep
彼は両手をポケットに深くつ込んでいた。His hands were deep in his pockets
彼は深い恩義がある I am deeply in debt with him
その少女は老人の哀れな話にい深く感動しわっと泣き出した。 The little girl, deeply moved by the old man’s pitiful story, burst into tears.
深く潜ればもぐほど水は冷たくなる。 As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder
息を深く吸いなさい。 Take a deep breath
深める(ふかめる) to deepen
彼は生化学の知識を深めて。He deepened the knowledge of biochemistry
我々は親睦を深めた。We deepened our friendship
深まる(ふかまる) It gets deeper
心の傷は深まるばかり。The pain in my heart just gets worse
人は知識は深まるほど、自分の無知にきい月浮くものである。The more a man knows, the more he discovers his ignorance
彼らは親密さは年月とともに深まった。Their intimacy deepened throuugh the years.
親切(しんせつ) Considerate; kind
深刻(しんこく) grave; serious, severe, acute
大気汚染はこの国の深刻な問題だ。La contaminación del aire es un problema muy grave en de este país.
注意深い(ちゅういぶかい) Careful
彼女は衣料品を買うときは注意深く選択する。She makes careful choices when she buys clothes
注意深かったけれども、彼は思わぬミスをおかした。Careful as he was, he made an unexpected mistake.
私たちは一言も聞き漏らさないよううに注意深く聞いていた。We listened carefully in order not to miss a single word
興味深い(きょうみぶかい) Deeply interesting
人生はいかなる本よりも興味い深い Life is far more interesting than a book
彼女はとても興味深い人です。She’s a very interesting person
その映画は私達みんなにとって興味深かった。 The movie was interesting to all of us
深夜(しんや) deep at night

進 Progresar

訓読み- すす
音読み- シン
進める(すすめる) yo progreso en algo (transitivo); to go ahead
その計画は進められている。 The project is underway
進む(すすむ) progresa solo (intransitivo)
ナポレオンは軍隊をロシアに進めた Napoleon marched his armies into Russia
さあ、みんな、先へ進もう Now folks, let’s go on
進化(しんか) Evolución
進み出る(すすみでる) To step forward
その勇敢なる騎士は進み出てその貴婦人の手にキスをする The brave knight steps forward and kisses the lady on the hand.
突き進む(つきすすむ) to push through

神 Dios

訓読み- かみ
音読み- シン
神(かみ) Dios
神道(しんとう) Shinto Religion
神社(じんじゃ) Shinto shrine
精神(せいしん) Mentality; espíritu (no se refiere al concepto del alma que vive después de la muerte, sino a la mentalidad que uno tiene en vida). Cuando se habla de objetos se refiere a la esencia de esa cosa
私は持ち前の頑張りの精神で難関を突破した。I got over the difficulty with my characteristic tenacity.
条約の精神が没却されていた The spirit of the treaty was ignored
君は精神を養わなくてはならない You must cultivate your mind
スコットさんは企業家精神に富む経営者なんです。Scott is an entrepreneur with much spirit of enterprise.
神経(しんけい) Nerve
神経系(しんけいけい) Sistema Nervioso
神経細胞(しんけいさいぼう) Neurona
陣形質(しんけいしつ) Nervous
彼女は入試を前にして神経質になっていた。 She was very nervous before the entrance exam
彼女は初めての飛行に大変神経異質になっていた。 She was quite nervous about her first flight.
神経に障る(しんけいにさわる) Get on my nerves
その雑音は、私神経に障る that noise gets on my nerves
そいつは僕の神経にさわる He gets on my nerves
神経の鈍い(しんけいのにぶい) thick skinned
神経が細い(しんけいがほそい) oversensitive
神秘的(しんぴてき) Occult; mysterious
モナリザは優しいが神秘的な微笑を浮かべている。Mona Lisa has a mild but mysterious smile
彼らは夜の神秘的な影響の下にあった。They were under the mysterious influence of the night
彼女にはどことなく神秘的なところがある。There’s something mysterious about her.
夜神月 Yagami Light uwu

整 Arreglar

訓読み- ととの
音読み- セイ
整える(ととのえる) alistar; arreglar
ケンは毎朝自分でベッドを整えます。 Ken arregla/alista su cama todas las mañanas
みゆきはパーティーのためにテーブルを整えた。 Miyuki arregló/alistó la mesa para la fiesta
髪を整えないと。Debo arreglarme el cabello
姉は毎週、かみを整えてもらう。My sister has her hair dressed each week.
セッティングは整えておいたから、あとはまっくんが根性見せなきゃダメだからね。I’ve set the stage so now you just have to show some guts, OK?
整う(ととのう) ser arreglado
さあパーティーの準備が全て整いました。 Los preparativos para la fiesta están listos
整理(せいり) Ordenar por lógica
いつも仕事場をきちんと整理しておきなさい。 Always keep your office tidy
僕は出かける前に自分の本を整理する時間がない。 I have no time to put my books in order before I go
私は弟にこの部屋を整理させた。Hice que mi hermano organizara este cuarto.
これは私に思考の整理の思考の整理の仕方を教えることになった。 Ésto fue para enseñarme a organizar mis pensamientos.
整頓(せいとん) Ordenar para que se vea limpio/bonito
部屋はとても散らかっている。整頓しなくてはならない。Mi cuarto está muy desarreglado, debo ordenarlo
彼は今部屋の中でものを整頓している。 He is now setting things in order in his room
お手伝いが私ベッドを整頓した。 The maid made my bed.
教室を整理整頓するようにと命じられた。 It was ordered that the classroom be put in order
調整(ちょうせい) Ajustar; calibrar; afinar
時計を調整しなければ。遅れているのだ。 I must adjust my watch, it’s slow.
自転車のブレーキを調整してもらった I had the brakes of my bicycle adjusted
彼はクラリネットを調整してもらった。He had his clarinet tuned.
音楽のボッリュームを調整したいのですが。How do I fix the volume
整備(せいび) maintenance; dar mantenimiento
車はいつも整備しておきなさい。You should always keep your car in good order
整形(せいけい) Cirugía plástica

世 Plano

訓読み- よ
音読み- セ
世(よ) Plano existencial.
この世 El plano terrenal あの世 El otro mundo; plano espiritual
世の中(よのなか) sociedad; el mundo en el que vivimos y nos desarrollamos
世界(せかい) Mundo en general
世の中は瞬く間に変わるだろう The world will change in an instant
世の中は狭いものですね。It's a small world, isn't it?
世間(せけん) lo mismo que 世の中 pero un poco mas formal
お世話(おせわ) Molestia; ayuda
大変お世話になりました Muchísimas gracias por tomarte la molestia en ayudarme
私が海外にいる間、彼が猫の世話をしてくれるだろう He will look after the cats for me while I'm abroad
お世話をする look after someone
お世辞(おせじ) Flattery
彼は私にお世辞を言った。 He paid me a compliment
お世辞位にはきをつけよう。 Beware of smooth talk
世紀(せいき) Century

昔 Tiempo remoto

訓読み- むかし
音読み- セキ
昔話(むかしばなし) Historia folklóricaa
昔々あるところに Hace mucho tiempo en cierto lugar…
昔日(せきじつ) Older days
アメリカ合衆国の経済力は昔日のようではない。The economic strength of the USA is not what it used to be

全 Todo

訓読み- すべ
音読み- ゼン
全く(まったく) Expresión usada por si sola para expresar descontento
全然(ぜんぜん) Para nada (con verbo negativo) - Completamente (con verbo positivo)
彼はグランスうごは全然知らないい。El no sabe nada de francés
それは焦げている臭いとは全然ちがう. It’s quite distinct from the smell of burning
彼はその事件とは全然関係がなかった El no tenía nada que ver con el caso.
全く(まったく ) Lo mismo que 全然 pero 全く es mas formal y no tiene ninguna connotación emocional.
全部(ぜんぶ) Todo; todas las partes; All of it.
全て(すべて) Lo mismo que 全部 pero すべて Es mas formal
全員(ぜんいん) Todos los miembros del grupo
全国(ぜんこく) nation-wide; the whole country

送 Enviar

訓読み- あい
音読み- ソウ
送る(おくる) Enviar
放送(ほうそう) Broadcast
見送る(みおくる) See off
送り仮名(おくりがな) Okurigana; el kana escrito después del kanji
郵送(ゆうそう) Mailing
その手紙は明日郵送されるだろう。 The letter will be mailed tomorrow

相 Partner

訓読み- あい
音読み- ソウ
相手 (あいて) Persona con la que haces algo. Compañero de baile, contrincante de pelea, con quien conversas, etc.
相変わらず(あいかわらず) As always
相談(そうだん) Consejo
相撲 (すもう) Sumo (Deporte)
相当(そうとう) Considerable; remarcable
彼らの結婚費用は相当な物だった。Their wedding expenses were considerable
それを発明した教授は大学から相当の対価を受ける權利がある The professor who invented it has the right to considerable remuneration from the university.
鳥の翼は人間のう腕に相当する。 Las alas del pájaro se consideran equivalentes a los brazos de un hombre

想 Imaginación; idea de un concepto

訓読み- おも
音読み- そう
想像(そうぞう) Imaginación; concepción de una idea
彼らは日本といえば富士山を想像する。They often associate Japan with Mt.Fuji.
仮設のない科学など想像もできない。 We cannot conceive science without a hypothesis
彼は依頼人がどんな人なのか想像してみた。HE tried to imagine what his client was like
想像に任せる Leave something to someone’s imagination
想像に難くない Easy to imagine
予想(よそう) anticipar; expectativa; data-based guess; pronóstico
開票は予想した通りだ。Elections returns were what we had expected
離婚率は上昇すると予想されている。The divorce rate is expected to rise
結果は彼の予想とは正反対だった。 The result was contrary to his expectations.
感想(かんそう) Impresión
それの感想は? Que impresión te dió?
彼の新しいヘアスタイルについてみんな何か感想を述べた。Todos expresaron la impresión que tuvieron de su nuevo corte de cabello.
連想(れんそう) Mental association
彼女の顔を見るとバラが連想させる。Se me viene a la mente una rosa cuando veo su vara.
私たちは政治家というと偽善を連想しがちだ。We tend to associate politicians with hypocrisy.
私はこの歌を聞くと彼の名を連想する。I couple this song with his name
思想(しそう) Ideas; ideología
私は彼の思想うには与しない。 I don’t support his ideas
言葉は思想を表すのに役立つ。Las palabras sirven para expresar ideas.
思想の自由 Freedom of thoughts

息 Breath

訓読み- いき
音読み- ソク
息(いき) Breath
鼻で息ができません No puedo respirar por la nariz
息子(むすこ) Son; hijo
休息する(きゅうそくする) descansar; darse un respiro
彼は短い休息の後、仕事を再開した。Reanudó su trabajo después de un corto respiro
ため息をつく(ためいきをつく) breathe a sigh of relief
息を引き取る(いきをひきとるう) Dar el ultimo respiro (morirse)
消息(しょうそく) Noticias de alguien o algo
年賀賞のおかげで私たちは友達や親戚の消息がわかる Gracias a las cartas de año nuevo, podemos saber de nuestros amigos y relativos
彼はは3年前に家を出たきり全然消息がない。Desde que salió de casa hace 3 años no se ha sabido de él
利息(りそく) Intereses de banco $$$

速 Rápido

訓読み- はや・すみ
音読み- ソク
速い(はやい) Rápido
高速道路(こうそくどうろ) Highway
急速に(きゅうそくに) De forma rápida
砂漠の砂は夜になると急速に冷える。La arena del desierto se enfría rápidamente por la noche
速やかに(すみやかに) Apresuradamente
早速(さっそく) ASAP
速度(そくど) Velocidad
素速い(すばやい) swift (motion); sharp (judgement); quick (to understand). También se puede escribir 素早い.
ボクサーにはすばやい身のこなしがが必要だ。Los boxeadores necesitan reflejos rápidos
彼はロシア語を素早く習得した。He acquired Russian very quickly

族 Tribu

訓読み- No tiene
音読み- ゾク
家族(かぞく) Significa Ohana, lo cual significa familia, y tu familia nunca te abandona :’v
民族(みんぞく) Ethnic group, race
米国では多くの民族が生活うしている。Many races live together in the united states
コキリ族(こきりぞく) La tribu kokiri

他 Otro

訓読み- ほか
音読み- タ
他(ほか) Otro
そのほかのことならなんでもします。Haré todo menos eso
その他の点では正しい。It is otherwise correct
他人(たにん) Another person; others
他人を指すのは失礼なことです。Es de mala educación señalar con el dedo a otros.
他に(ほかに) In addition. Something/someone else.
その光景金額の他に、彼は私にまだ10ドルの借りがある。In addition to that sum, he still owes me ten dollars.
他に方法はありませんか。Is there any alternative to your method.
他に誰か休んでいたか Was anybody else absent.
日本では琵琶湖ほど大きな湖は他にない。 No other lake in Japan is as large as Lake Biwa
他方(たほう) The other
片方の本は薄く、他方は厚い。One book is thin, and the other is thick.

打 Dispararle; Darle

訓読み- う
音読み- No importa tanto
打つ(うつ) Darle (un balazo, un golpe, un madrazo, etc.
私はその男に腹を打った Le dí a ese hombre en el estómago
打ち上げる(うちあげる) Lanzar
ロケットは宇宙にう打ち上げられた El cohete fue lanzado al espacio
打ち勝つ(うちかつ) Superar
彼は自分の恐怖に打ち勝つことができる。El puede superar su miedo
彼は多くの困難に打ち勝った Ele superó muchas adversidades
新進ボクサーがチャンピオンに打ち勝った。 El nuevo boxeador superó al campeón
どのチームも例外なく打ち負かされた Every team was defeated without exception
ケンはチェスで私を打ち負かした。Ken beat me at chess
打ち込む(うちこむ) Dedicarse; Clavar; darle duro; adentrarse
いたにくぎを打ち込んだ Clavó clavos en la tabla
彼女はsポーツに打ち込んでいる Ella está clavada en el deporte.
自分のことに打ち込みなさい Dedíquese a sus propios asuntos
打ち解ける(うちとける) Abrirse a otras personas
彼は従業員と打ち解けない。He is inaccessible to his employees
彼は打ち解けた He has come out of his shell
手を打つ(てをうつ) Dar una palmada; tomar medidas; darle
事態が悪化しないように即座に手を打った。We took action immediately so that things wouldn’t go worse.

待 Esperar

訓読み- タイ
音読み- ま
待つ(まつ) Esperar
期待(きたい) Expectation; Hope
待合室(まちあいしつ) Waiting room

第 Números Ordinales (Prefijo)

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- ダイ
第一(だいいち) Primero
第一位(だいいちい) First rank
第2話(だいにわ) Episodio 2
第7章(だいななしょう) Sépitmo capítulo (de un libro)
第二言語(だいにげんご) Segundo idioma

題 Asunto

訓読み- No Tiene
音読み- ダイ
題(だい) Titulo
この劇の題は「オセロ」です。El título de esta obra es “Othello”
「友情」とい題で作文を書きなさい。 Writee an essay on “friendship”.
「秘めたの恋」という題の作文で、メアリーは賞をもらった Mary received an award for her composition called “Secret Love”
問題(もんだい) Asunto; Problema, Cuestión
このような問題は扱いにくい。Such problem is hard to deal with
その問題は審議中です。Ese asunto está en discusión
その問題はまだ十分に探求されてうない。The subject has not yet been fully explored yet
センセ英達はその問題をめぐって賛否が分かれた。The teachers were divided on the issue
問題を取り上げる(もんだいをとりあげる) To take up a problem
問題を扱う(もんだいをあつかう) Deal with a Problem
問題を避ける(もんだいをさける) Avoid a problem
宿題(しゅくだい) Tarea (de la escuela)
宿題を遅れずに終えてホッとしている It’s a relief to have finished the assignment on time
宿題をしているうちに眠れこんでしまった。Me quedé dormido mientras hacía mi tarea
もう宿題を済ませたの。Ya acabaste tu tarea?
やっと宿題を仕上げた。 I finally worked through my homework
彼は夕飯の前に宿題を終えていた。He had his homework done before supper.
話題(わだい) Tema de conversación
話題を変える(わだいをかえる) Cambiar el tema de la conversación.

代 Periodo de tiempo

訓読み- か
音読み- ダイ
代わりに(代わりに) En lugar de; en vez de
石油の代わりにアルコールを使うべきだ。We should substitute alcohol for oil
このネバネバした流動体は接着剤の代わりになる El fluido pegajoso puede ser reemplazado por adhesivo.
その感は灰皿の代わりになる。Usaremos la lata en lugar del cenicero
そのラジオの代わりにライプライターをあげよう。Te daré mi maquina de escribir por tu radio.
私自身がいく代わりに息子に行かせます。I’ll get my son to go instead of going myself
その代わりに彼は自分のコンピューターを制御しているスイッチを操作した。 Instead, he worked a switch that controlled his computer
-代(だい) Contador para décadas
反抗的な態度は10代に特有なものである。 The defiant attitude is characteristic of teenagers.
トムは映画界にデビュウするとすぐに10代の若者の間で人気が出た。Tom se volvió popular entre adolescentes tan pronto hizo su debut en las películas.
メアリーは10代後半にアメリカ合衆国に渡った。Mary went over to the United States in her late teens
彼は老けて見えるが、まだ20代だ。Se ve viejo pero sigue en sus veintes
代金(だいきん) Precio; Cantidad ほんの代金を小切手で支払っても良いですか。Can I pay for the book by check?
彼はその場で代金を支払った。 He paid the money on the spot
ビデオの代金を5回に分けて払った。 Pagué por el video en 5 abonos
私は本の代金5ドルを払った。Pagué 5 dólares por el libro
-代(だい) Sufijo para gastos/cargos
毎月のガス代はいくらですか。How much is your monthly gas bill?
タクシー代は君と分担しよう。I will share with you the cost of the taxi
現代(げんだい) Nowadays; Hoy en día
古代(こだい) Ancient Times
時代(じだい) Época; Era
1990時代 Los noventas

対 Contra

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- タイ
に対して(たいして) Ante; contra
子供に対して短期を起こしてはいけない。No debes ser impaciente ante los niños
他人に対して優越感を持っては行けない。No te debes sentir superior ante otras personas.
彼は彼らに対して深い憎しみを抱いた。Desarrolló un odio profundo contra ellos
群衆は人種差別に対して抗議した。The crowd protested against racial discrimination
対(たい) Contra
メキシごが4対1で勝っている。Mexico va ganando 4 contra 1
賭け率2対1でレッドが勝つだろう。 The odds are teo-to-one that red will win.
絶対(ぜったい) Definitivamente; Absolutamente
私はその案に絶対反対です。 Me opongo rotundamente a ese plan
審判の判定は絶対だ。La decisión del juez es definitiva.
アーア、絶対うまくいくと思ったのになあ Oh man, I was sure this was going to work out
反対(はんたい) Opuesto
対策(たいさく) Counter-measure
対策を講じる(こうじるをこうじる) Tomar medidas
交通事故の防止対策を講じなければならない。Debemos tomar medidas preventivas para evitar los accidentes de tráfico.
私ウイルス対策用ソフトウエアは不良品でした。 Creo que mi anti virus no sirve de nada

炭 Carbón

訓読み- No importa tanto
音読み- タン
石炭(せきたん) Carbón
二酸化炭素(にさんかたんそ) Dióxido de carbono

短 Corto

訓読み- みじか
音読み- タン
短い(みじかい) Corto (Longitud o tiempo)
その薬の結果は強烈だか短い Los effects de esa droga son intensos pero cortos.
ロープは、2〜3メーター短すぎた。The rope was a couple of meters too short
短所(たんしょ) Defecto
全ての人は長所と短所を持っている。Todas las personas tienen virtudes y defectos.
短期(たんき) Término corto
どんな語学も短期では無理だ。Whatever language you study, it takes time
短期契約社員達は予告なしに解雇された。The short term contract employees were dismissed without notice
手短 En pocas palabras; En breve
手短と言うと、君の悪いんだよ。En pocas palabras, es tu culpa
手短に意見を述べてください。 Please confine yourself to a short comment
短期(たんき) quick temper
彼は自分の短期でいつか困ったことになるだろう。His quick temper will get him in trouble one day.
子供に対して短期を起こしてはいけない。You shouldn’t be impatient with children
彼は彼の父親ほど短期ではない。He is less impatient than his father.

談 diálogo

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- ダン
冗談(じょうだん) joke
相談(じょうだん) hablar con alguien para pedir su opinión de tu situación; consulta
私は姉に相談した。I consulted with my sister
依頼人は弁護士を相談した。El cliente habló con el abogado.
相談に乗る(そうだんにのる) give advice
いつでも相談に乗りますよ。You can count on me any time!
会談(かいだん) Dialogo entre personas importantes
平和会談は今週始まる。 The peace talks begin next week

着 weaarrive

訓読み- き・つ
音読み- チャク
着る(きる) To wear. Nota: No see usa para sombreros ni pantalones. Para sombreros es かぶる y para pantalones y zapatos es はく.
下着(したぎ) underwear
着替えをする(きがえをする) Cambiarse la ropa
着物(きもの) Kimono :v
この黄色セーターを着てみませんか。Why don’t you try this yellow sweater?
彼女はかわいい水着を着ている。 She is in a cute swimsuit
昨日、何を着ていたか思い出せない。I don’t remember what I was wearing yesterday.
水着(みずぎ) Traje de baño
着く(つく) arrive; reach
私はあなたより先に駅に着くことができる I can beat you to the station.
私たちの列車は8時に大阪を出て、11時についた。 Our train Leeds Osaka at 8, arriving in Tokyo by eleven
私は毎朝9時に職場に着く。I report to work at 9 every morning
席に着く(せきにつく) Tomar asiento
到着(とうちゃく) Arrival! (Formal) Used by train stations, airports, etc.
到着が遅れます。I will be arriving late

注 Atención

訓読み- そそ
音読み- チュウ
注ぐ(そそぐ) Vertir literalmente; metafóricamente vertir tus energías, tu amor, etc
私にお茶を少し注いで下さい Please pour me a little tea
彼は友人を助けることに全力を注いだ He invested his energies on helping his friend
子供に少し愛情を注いで見給え、すると君におびただしい愛情が戻ってくる Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back
降り注ぐ(ふりそそぐ) Rain incessantly
注意(ちゅうい) Tener cuidado; Advertir 注意 se usa mucho por si solo para decir CAUTION!
はしごを登るときには注意しなさい Be careful when you climb up the ladder
火のそばへ行かないようにって、何度注意したらわかるの。 How often do I have to tell you to keep away from the fire?
注意をひく(ちゅういをひく) llamar la atención
まず私注意を引いたのは哲学だった。La primera materia que llamó mi atención fue filosofía
彼女の美しい服が私注意を引いいた。Su hermoso vestido llamó mi atención
子供はただ注意をひきたくて泣くことが多い Children often cry just because they want attention.
注意を逸らす(ちゅういをそらす) Distraer
突然音がして彼らはゲームから注意をそらした。A sudden noise abstracted their attention from the game
注文(ちゅうもん) Pedido
朝食のメニューの中から注文してもいいですか。 Can I order from the breakfast menu?
私たちは、新しい本を何冊か海外に注文した We ordered some new books from abroad
私はその本がとても好きだったので友人のために10冊注文した I liked the book so much I ordered ten copies for friends.
私は電話でピザを注文した。Pedí una pizza por teléfono
注文をキャンセルしますので、キャンセル確認書をお送りください。Por favor cancele mi orden y mande confirmación de la cancelación.
注目(ちゅうもく) Prestar atención; Dar atención conscientemente. Nota: diferencia de 注意, 注目 no tiene el feeling de CUIDADO.
彼の言っていることに注目した I focused on what he was saying
姉は注目すべき英語の進歩を遂げた My sister has made remarkable progress in English
この本は注目に値する This book is worthy of attention
注目されている映画 - A movie people are paying attention to / a movie people are discussing / a hot new movie
注目を集める draw attention
奇術師は子供たちの注目を集めていた The magician had the children's attention

柱 Pilar

訓読み- はしら
音読み- チュウ
柱(はしら) Pilar; Columna como de edificio griego
電柱(でんちゅう) Poste de luz

帳 Notebook

訓読み- No tiene :D
音読み- チョウ
手帳(てちょう) Notebook
電話帳(でんわちょう) Directorio telefónico
几帳面(きちょうめん) Metódico
彼は几帳面な男だ。He is a methodical man
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2019.09.23 19:04 autotldr Doctors Without Borders accuses WHO of rationing Ebola vaccine in DR Congo

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)
Aid group Doctors Without Borders on Monday accused the World Health Organization of rationing the Ebola vaccine in the Democratic Republic of Congo where more than 2,100 people have died of the deadly virus.
"One of the main problems currently is the fact that in practice the vaccine is rationed by the WHO and that too few people at risk are protected today," MSF said in a statement.
"We partner closely with the DRC government to reach as many communities and individuals in the outbreak area as possible and are not limiting access to vaccine but rather implementing a strategy recommended by an independent advisory body of experts and as agreed with the government of the DRC and partners."
The WHO has been pushing for the introduction of a second vaccine produced by a subsidiary of US company Johnson & Johnson, but the health ministry under Ilunga had resisted such a move, citing the risks of introducing a new product in communities where mistrust of Ebola responders is already high.
"We continue with the first vaccine in the places where there is the epidemic. The second vaccine will probably be used outside the epidemic areas to protect the population," he added, in comments to the news website actualite.
"Head of the MSF vaccination project in DRC John Johnson on Sunday told AFP from Goma:"We welcome the introduction of the second vaccine.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: vaccine#1 Health#2 Ebola#3 MSF#4 epidemic#5
Post found in /worldnews, /Africa, /AutoNewspaper and /FRANCE24auto.
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2019.09.18 04:03 Cloudy113 [Diplomacy] Congolese Organization

Congolese Organization

Though to the public Bemba is a figure of the Congo and the nation, he does know the value of foreign aid... to an extent. Chinese investment and training have both been allowed, but as business partners and peaceful acquaintances. Bemba has been clearly against foreign neo-colonialism, and while relations with the world have not soured, the Congo is clear on bettering itself not for the profit of others.
The Congolese soldiers of the new regime are more organized than in the past, certainly, but many are not well trained and not always well controlled. A new prospect has been brought by the National Assembly, to bring several foreign powers in to train the soldiers in discipline, organization, and military technology.

Rwanda and the East African Community

"Our African brothers to the east, our peoples share culture, if not in border. Even so, refugees and those who seek for our mutual fall into anarchy still drive our women and children from their homes. Our men fight and die over meaninglessness when a greater African purpose lies at arm's reach."
The DRC requests military training in Goma and Bukavu from any Rwandan, Ugandan, Burundi, Tanzanian, and Kenyan officials that can be allowed. In exchange, the DRC offers an increased drive of peacekeeping along the eastern border, and a stronger control on the border in general, as well as an eventual connection of infrastructure and a further closeness of our nations. Also... monetary recompense or other requests if necessary.


From France, the DRC requests military training on discipline and organization from the Défense Conseil International. The DRC requests training on:
  • Land
  • Helicopters
  • Armament
  • Health
  • Internal Security
  • Special Forces
  • Military Intelligence
In exchange, the DRC offers a future space for a large DCI military center outside of Kinshasa, to be funded and owned by the DRC to complement the smaller military centers allowed nationwide initially. As well, the DRC shall offer monetary recompense to be negotiated on further. No French soldiers of any large magnitude will be allowed in in any DCI training center.
As the French language is beginning to become the standardized language to be taught in the Congo, good relations with France are hoped for.


As a known and worldwide figure of military training and technology, the DRC would like to request a formal training of Congolese soldiers in intense discipline and loyalty to the hierarchy.
A military training center, not especially large or militarized, will be built outside of both Lubumbashi and Goma, owned by the DRC, if Russia wishes to send military officials to the program.
In exchange, the DRC will build the centers, attempt to increase business with the Russian Federation, and offers monetary payments to be negotiated.
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2019.08.30 12:03 autotldr Ebola death toll in east Congo outbreak climbs above 2,000

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 61%. (I'm a bot)
GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo - The death toll from Democratic Republic of Congo's year-long Ebola outbreak has climbed above 2,000, government data showed on Friday, as responders battle to overcome community mistrust and widespread security problems.
This is Congo's 10th Ebola outbreak, but it is the first in the densely forested hillside provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, where militia-led violence and ethnic killing have undermined security in certain areas for decades.
The government data showed Ebola deaths reaching 2,006 and cases at 3,004.
"We are fighting literally with all partners on the ground to reach people, to reach contacts, to identify cases as early as possible," World Health Organization spokesman Christian Lindmeier said on Tuesday.
Neighboring Uganda said on Friday that a young girl who tested positive for Ebola after crossing the border, the fourth case imported from Congo since June, would be sent back to Congo for treatment.
Only the 2013-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been deadlier than the current outbreak.
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2019.08.04 15:11 Pumpkiin-Face Help Type Me!

The reason I’m asking people is because I can’t trust myself with online tests. I have been obsessed with the MBTI and now know the questions in correlation to the types. I am dishonest to myself and will probably lie to myself to get a desired result. I have gotten the same result on all of the tests I have taken (except one) and will not share them as to save you from biases. . • How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself. A: 14 year old female. 172cm, average weight. Caucasian, ash blonde hair (ombreish thing, my mums a hairdresser so that’s how I know. I don’t dye my hair). Pretty generic.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow? A: Mild depression, Mild anxiety and Mild Aspergers Syndrome. The AS was stronger when I was younger. AS caused the anxiety and depression. Anxiety started in grade 5 (QLD, AUS curriculum), depression in grade 8
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it? A pretty good upbringing. Parents divorced when I was 5, I primarily stayed/stay with my mum. Although we have our differences (she’s an ESFJ) we get along well. I do not the best relationship with my Dad, we disagree with a lot of things but sometimes we act like best friends. When I was younger he traveled a lot. I wish not to talk about that much (I don’t mean the traveling, I should have rephrased). We moved around a lot (both parents) eventually settling down with new partners. Some of the places were really cool, such as our old neighbor’s sisters place we rented. It had an almond tree out the front and a study room which I filled with my LPS (one of my special interests at the time, for a long time) which I spent lots of free time in. School is good, non religious. High achiever in primary school: academically, musically and artistically. Not a sporty person at all (apart from theory). In high school I was put in an academic program and will be going into IB. Struggle with friendships (everyone does so, eh). I found out I was Bisexual, my Dad does not knows and I don’t think I should tell him. He openly told us that “he doesn’t want his kids to be gay”. Usually this doesn’t bother me but it’s my Dad and I’m a little scared.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not? A: I have a casual job at a sandwich place (for legal reasons I cannot name). I don’t plan on it being my job, but it makes me money so I can put it towards my hobbies. I don’t mind it, it’s better than most places. We do have to talk a lot, small talk In between the toasting to engage customers, hoping that the interaction will entice them to come back. This would improve the overall business. It’s also fast paced and that sort of freaks me out in case I stuff something up. However it’s nice to be at a constant pace of speed, it shows that I have skill in that craft. Also we get free cookies, I’ll let that speak for itself.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed? A: Absolutely Lovely. I could put maximum focus to my interests and research. Does my cat count as company? I wouldn’t feel lonely without him but he is nice.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities? A: No I am terrible at sports. I had a mental breakdown in HPE because I couldn’t throw a ball, no matter how hard I tried. Maybe solo sports like golf or something IDK. If we are talking about physical activity then ridding is a must. It does get frustrating when people walk slowly, or you are in a busy area because you have to go slower. I love things I can dig into mentally. Problem solving and future planning is fun to do. I am constantly on uni pages or looking at jobs for the future. Learning is exciting, especially things for the future. ONE EXCEPTION IS THE COLD WAR, I do find history interesting but changes to history, the messages they bring and future history is more interesting. The only exemption is the Cold War, the Soviet Union and modern aviation history. I guess digital history is cool as well, the concepts behind everything. Successes, competition and failure in all categories (such as marketing failures, legal failures or just ahead/behind its time).
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate? A: Unfortunately I do have more ideas that what I can execute. I will thing of something to draw/write/sing but when it comes to putting ideas to work, I hit a wall. Sometimes I don’t. Art: my ideas are usually based on small environmental notices that will fold out into a fantasy masterpiece, in my mind. It may be an idea for a series of murals, an experimental painting. I have the ambition to storyboard and animate the entire “A Night at the Opera” album by Queen, or at least The Prophets Song, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Seaside Rendezvous and Bohemian Rhapsody, along with a 4 piece picture of “Death on Two Legs”. I won’t get to it but I think about how it will go, the progression, the story, the animation style ect ect. Music is very similar but I have difficulty expressing my emotions. Maybe I should write things that don’t revolve around feelings. I need to improve at this.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be? A: Yes and No. Yes for the soap box, so I can express my ideas in the group. No because I’m not a people person. My leadership style would be brewing the ideas and getting a stronger person to communicate.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity? A: Well, from the previous responses no. I am terrible at sport coordination both my muscles and my brain don’t work well with external forces such as balls or people. I do have coordination in art, spending lots of time with a lap tablet (intuos mini and pro for 4 years, i am now on a cintiq 16). In some form I like working with my hands, in art I guess. I use art as a funnel to transfer my ideas to physical things. It’s the bridge to the city. I do have my preferences in medium (especially paint, I work in oil) but it’s so I can understand the limits of style. In art once we had to make a clay skull. I was scared it would blow up in the kilt when we cooked them from all of the air bubbles in the clay. Spoilers: it didn’t, but it did restrict the freedom I had with the medium. How funny.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer. A: No I’m not Artistic, or Autistic, or Alluristic, or Argonistic, or Antagonistic. Of COURSE I’m autistic (I was meant to type Artistic but it’s true both ways, as you can tell I’m tired from work). I work with both lose realistic oil paintings and cartoonish digital/inked art. I can do realistic portraits to caricatures, 80’s John Deacon is a favourite to do cartooning on. I do have an appreciation for all art, especially those that make you think for a deeper meaning. For example, we went to an art exhibition at GOMA, “Curious Affections” by Pactrica Piccinini. Her work is both stunning and fascinating for both intuitive and sensor purposes. You just look at it and try and guess the deeper meaning behind it, how it came to be, and also admire the work with the resin and cotton and acrylic (I’m guessing). Music is a yes for me: I play the Electric Bass and sing. Favourite bands/singers are Queen, Blur, Gorillaz, David Bowie and I’m constantly expanding. Everyone from Al Bowlly to Radio Head, I constantly am looking for new artists, alas I don’t have much motivation to do stuff so it’s a WIP.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them? A: Past: The Soviet Union is the most fascinating thing I have ever seen. Past: it depends how far back we go. Last year, or last Billion Years? I love learning about the progression of societies and culture throughout the 20th century (I know it’s basic to only learn about the 20th century but oh well). I deal with my past by dwelling on it. Every mistake I made just stewing in a big pot. Not a good strategy. 0/10 wont visit again. Present: My mum always says “live in the now” and I don’t get why, but at the same time I love to do it. When I’m alone and usually when I’m traveling, the best thing to do is to absorb your surroundings in. But at the same time it’s uninteresting. There is so much corruptness in the world yet so much innovation. Future: the future excites me, yet also scares me. Everything from the exceeding dependency on AI and technology, replacing all jobs and human society crumbling due to the failure of the dollar, to pop culture trends in clothing, music, editing styles ect. Future of laws and politics and technology and media and the fall of it all. Idk, I’m tired, it’s 10:31pm and I had a big day. Why am I justifying myself? Why am I asking you a question, I don’t know who you are.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so? A: depends on the task at hand. If i have knowledge of it, I can excel at it. Sometimes a little controlling which I admit isn’t good. I would do so depending on the person. Mainly to stay on good terms with them and not to make to many enemies.
• Do you need logical consistency? A (edited): I now understand the question and my answer is Yes. Logical inconsistency can be fun from time to time but is impractical compared to logical consistency.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you? A: Very important. The more I get done WITH QUALITY in the areas I want to (art, homework ect) the better. Unfortunately I’m not very productive which depresses me which stops productivity which depresses me. Downward spiral.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that? A: not well. I can be overcontrolling and annoying to people. I don’t know what to do about it, it’s almost natural. Unfortunately again, if I know the person well, I can develop anger issues.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them? A: please see all the above. Additional hobbies/interests are musical theatre, but being on stage is scary (having a panic attack when going a PPT, what’s a stage going to be like) but listening and watching is great as well (favourite is the Book of Mormon).
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses? A: I learn very easily, I am an independent learner. A mix of logic and creativity. Fast paced and full of depth. Less prac and more theory.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go? Hahaha A: Procrastination baby. Solves all of your problems. I plan my projects but I am terrible at time efficiency. That’s probably why I’m doing this instead of sleeping.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally? A: Professionally I want a job that allows me to use my skills to their advantages. However there are to many options. Neurology, Pathology, Architect (big housing and engineering), Artist, Singer, science or art? It’s a big debate that has been eating at me forever. I just want a job that doesn’t feel like a job, something I enjoy and excel at. Personally, I would like to find peace within myself. Relax maybe? Not relax, just stress less. I want to read more, watch more, listen to more and then create more. I want to learn so I can become the very best at what I do. Another personal aspiration is to have easier friendships. Develop a close friend group which I can hang around, but they are fine if I do my own thing. Heck! Maybe a Boyfriend or a girlfriend, but at the moment I’m off dating. A more positive body image would be nice as well.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why? A: I don’t know if I have any fears. I would have to think about it more. Irrationally I get upset with the hairs on my arms, sometimes I want to tare them off, but that scares me as well. I am scared of disappointing people, whether it be family (cough couch Dad cough cough), teachers, friends or myself. I disappoint people a lot, me specifically. I will never live up to the expectations, the expectations to be this embodiment of me that’s not me. I know who I am, no I don’t, but I know I’m not that. Hate: People who make a fuss out of disliking pineapples on pizza. Grow up, people can have different taste preferences, you are a bigger part of the problem. Slow people walking, people telling me to slow down, my lack of self control when it comes to things like sleep. Unorganised people, people who follow mainstream trends (I wouldn’t say normies but at the same time).
• What do the "highs" in your life look like? A: PRODUCTIVITY!! I am extremely productive in my highs. I am motivated and creative, no barriers between me and paper. I focus on my health and manage my sleep well. I do all homework early and I am overall happy.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like? A: the opposite to the above.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so? A: I Day dream a lot, but I call it more of a brainstorm of ideas and exploring them. I am semi aware of my surroundings, I tend to do it when I am doing constant work, maybe because constant work is boring or maybe because it’s so repetitive all focus can go of it and into ideas.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about? A: What colour is the room? Black, white? Is it small or big? Door? If there are no means of escaping, I would think about two things. The purpose of leaving the room, just letting my mind wonder. But most importantly, where can I get food, water, fresh air, sleeping stuff. Will I die?
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it? A: Depends what it is, again. I am fairly indecisive when it comes to decisions and will change my mind. For example: I changed my Human Resources subject for IN from Psychology to Buisness to Psychology again.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life? A: I have trouble expressing my emotions to people, I have to think about them and often I will try and rationalise them. Make sure they are logical. No matter what type you are, emotions are important to the survival of your being, without them there will be several chemical imbalances and your mind will be equivalent to our primal stages or even worse, a vegetable.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why? A: unfortunately yes I do. Usually when it comes to there opinions on people. If it’s non human I will stand for my word, but with people I stay silent. Eg my Dad will say something Racist, I won’t say anything because want to stay on good terms with him. I will just laugh suttly in response. No yes or no.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why? A: No, I think authority should be challanged, but not in a way of breaking physical rules. I ponder on bending the rules of society but would never implement them into my life. There is no use getting fussed over not wearing the right school uniform as per say, that’s just wasted energy that could be used to more effective uses. . I hope that wasn’t to long. So it’s 11:08pm East Australian time and I’m tired. Thank you for your answers.
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2019.08.01 13:00 autotldr Rwanda Closes Border With Congo Over Ebola Fears

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 46%. (I'm a bot)
Aug 1, 2019.KINSHASA, Congo - Rwanda closed its border with Congo on Thursday in response to the deadly Ebola outbreak, while a Congolese official said a person who had contact with the second confirmed Ebola case in the border city of Goma was receiving treatment after showing signs of the disease.
If this suspected case is confirmed, it could be the first transmission of Ebola in this outbreak inside Goma, a city of more than 2 million people on the Rwandan border.
The developments came as the Ebola outbreak entered its second year.
It has now sickened more that 2,600 and killed more than 1,800 people, making it the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.
Rwanda's state minister for foreign affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe, confirmed the border closure to The Associated Press on Thursday, a day after World Health Organization officials had praised African nations for keeping their borders open.
Last week Saudi Arabia stopped issuing visas to people from Congo, citing the Ebola outbreak, shortly before the annual pilgrimage there this month.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Ebola#1 border#2 outbreak#3 confirmed#4 people#5
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2019.07.23 16:03 IIWIIM8 Resignation letter of Dr. Oly Ilunga Kalenga (English translation followed a copy in its original French format)

English copy as generated through Google Translate:
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ministry of Health
  • The Minister
  • Kinshasa, July 22, 2019
  • N 1250 / CAB / MIN / S / 0858 / JSK / JKI / TJI / 2019
  • Transmitted copy for information to:
  • His Excellency Monsierur Prime Minister,
  • Head of Government
  • (With the assurance of my highest consideration)
  • Government Hotel
  • To His Excellency Monsierur the President of the
  • Republic, Head of State
  • (With the insurance of my most deferential tributes)
  • Palace of the Nation
Subject: My resignation
Excellent Mr. President of the Republic.
As you know, the Government is resigning and in day-to-day business, as is His Excellency Monsierur le Primeier Minister, Head of the Government, resigned on May 20, 2019. In the health sector, in the absence of the ability to continue the long-term policies needed to strengthen the health system, recent months have been devoted to management of the various health crises in our country, including Ebola, which is the most complex epidemic in history, and the second most deadly after that of West Africa.
After several attempts in this direction since February 2019, you took the decision on July 20, 2019 to place the Conducting the response to the Ebola Virus Epidemic (EVD) epidemic under your direct supervision, through the transition of a Technical Secretariat that has been given the task of coordinating all the activities of the response.
I deplore that this Technical Secretariat of Multisectoral Committee of the Riposte to the EVD was set up by a decree of the Prime Minister antedate to 18 May 2019, and countersigned without my knowledge by the Minister assuring my interim, while I was the July 18, 2019 on a mission to oversee the response to Goma.
The composition of this Committee, whose members have taken initiatives in recent months that have led to interference in the conduct of the response, does not reflect the mutlisectoriality needed to manage the ongoing health crisis. Such a crisis involves several actors and contains issues at different levels on which I would like to attract Your particular attention.
Since its declaration on August 1, 2018, it has been necessary to affirm the leadership of the Government in the management of this epidemic, as illustrated by the daily communication of the epidemiological situation by the Ministry of Health. This strategic communication reassured and demonstrated to the world that the epidemic was managed by the country, thus preserving its image and avoiding a negative socio-economic impact on the regions affected.
The ongoing Ebola crisis is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a public health crisis that occurs in an environment characterized by problems of security, development and the deficiencies of the health system. Since then weeks of pressure from all sides have tended to make it a humanitarian crisis. whose intervention logic devotes the establishment of a parallel system that never reinforces the existing health system. Thus, the government side will have to ensure that we do not tilt into a humanitarian response, demanding all actors involved in the response to operational and financial accountability.
Another major issue of this epidemic is the introduction of a new vaccine as part of this response. Here too, strong pressure has been exerted for several months for the implementation of a new experimentation in the DRC. The vaccine currently used in this epidemic is the only one that has proven effective and provides immune protection in 10 days. It would be illusory to believe that the new vaccine (administered twice at 56 days apart), by actors who have demonstrated a manifest lack of ethics by voluntarily hiding important information from the health authorities, may have a determining impact on the control of the ongoing epidemic.
On the various issues related to this epidemic, including the three mentioned above. it is imperative that the Government demonstrate leadership and coherence in the strategic dialogue with partners and options related to the response.
As in any war, because that is what it is about in this fight, the lines of command must be clearly identified and defined. There can not be more than one decision-making center at the risk of creating confusion and a cacophony that is detrimental to the response. The uniqueness in the management of such a response responds to the triple imperative of efficiency, coherence of decisions taken and accountability.
Thus drawing the consequences of Your decision to place the conduct of the response to the EVD epidemic under Your direct supervision, and anticipating the cacophony prejudicial to the response that will inevitably result from this decision, I hereby present you my resignation of my duties as Minister of Health.
Please accept, Excellency, the President of the Republic, the expression of my patriotic sentiments.
Dr. Oly Ilunga Kalenga
French original transcribed from the .pdf file linked in the 21JUL19 SitRep:
  • Republique Democratique du Congo
  • Ministere de la Sante
  • Le Ministre
  • Kinshasa, le 22 JUIL 2019
  • N 1250/CAB/MIN/S/0858 /JSK/JKI/TJI/2019
  • Transmis copie pour information a:
  • Son Excellence Monsierur le Primeier Ministre,
  • Chef du Gouvernrment
  • (Avec l'Assurance de ma tres haute consideration)
  • Hotel du Gouvernrment
  • A Son Excellence Monsierur le President de la
  • Republique, chef de l'Etat
  • (Avec l'Assurance de mes hommages les plus deferents)
  • Palais de la Nation
Objet: Ma demission
Excellent Monsieur le President de la Republique.
Comme Vous le savez, le Gouvenrment est demissionnnaire et en affaires courantes dupis que Son Excellence Monsierur le Primeier Ministre, Chef du Gouvernrment, Vous a depose sa demission le 20 mai 2019. Dans le secteur de la sante, faute de pouvoir continuer a engager les politiques de long terme necessaires au renforcement du systeme de sante, ces derniers mois ont ete consacres a la gestion des differentes crises santaires qui sevissent dans notre pays, dont celle d'Ebola qui constitue l'epidemie la plus complexe de l'histoire, et la seconde plus meurtriere apres celle de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.
Apres plusieurs tentatives entreprises dans ce sens depuis le mois fevrier 2019, Vous avez pris la decision le 20 juillet 2019 de placer la conduite de la riposte a l'epidemie de la Maladie s Virus Ebola (MVE) sous Votre supervision directe, par le trunchement d'un Secretariat Technique qui a recu la missoin de coordonner l'ensemble des activities de la riposte.
Je deplore que ce Secretariat Technique de Comite Multisectoriel de la Riposte a la MVE ait ete mis en place par un Decret du Premier Ministre antidate au 18 mai 2019, et contresigne a mon insu par le Ministre assurant mon interim, alors que je me trouvais le 18 juillet 2019 en mission de supervision de la riposte a Goma.
La composition de ce Comite, dont les membres ont pris ces derniers mois des initiatives ayant suscite des interferences dans la conduite de la riposte, ne reflete pas la mutlisectorialite necessaire a la gestion de la crise santitaire en cours. Une telle crise implique plusieurs acteurs et renferme des enjeux a differents niveaux sur lesquels j'aimerals attirer Votre attention particuliere.
Dpuis sa declaration le 1er aout 2018, il a fallu affirmer le leadership du Gouvernement dans la gestion de cette epidemie, ce quo s'est notamment illustre par la communication quotidienne de la situation epidemiologique par le Ministere de la Sante. Cette communication strategique a permis de rassurer et demontrer au monde que l'epidemie etait geree par le pays, preservant ainsi son image et evitant un impact socio-economique negatif sur les regions touchees.
La crise d'Ebola en cours n'est pas une crise humanitaire. C'est une crise de sante publique qui intervient dans un environnement caracterise par des problemes de securite, de developpement et du carences du systeme de sante. Depuis queques semaines des pressions de toutes parts tendent a en faire une crise humanitaire. dont le logiques d'intervention consacrent la mise en place d'un systeme parallele qui ne reforce jamais le systeme de sante existant. Ainsi, la partie gouvernmentale devra veiller a ce que nous ne basculions pas dans une riposte humanitaire, en exigeant de tous les acteurs impliques dans la riposte de la redevabilite operationnelle et financiere.
Un autre enjue majeur de cette epidemie est l'introduction d'un nouveau vaccin dans la cadre de cette riposte. Ici aussi, de fortes pressions sont exercees dupuis plusieurs mois pour la mise en oeuvre d'une nouvelle experimentation en RDC. Le vaccin actuellement utilise dans la cadre de cette epidemie est le seul qui a demontre son efficacite et qui donne une protection immunitaire en dix jours. Il serait illusoire de croire que le ouveau vaccine (a deux doses administrees a 56 jours d'intervalle) purpose, par des acteurs qui ont fait preuve d'un manque d'ethique manifeste en cachant volontairement des informations importantes aux autorites sanitaires, puisse avoir une incidence determinante sur le controle de l'epidemie en cours.
Sur les differents enjeux lies a cetter epidemie, dont les trois repris ci-haut. il est indispensable que le Gouvernment fasse preuve de leadership et de coherence dans le dialogue strategique avec les partenaires et les options prises en rapport avec la riposte.
Comme dans toute guerre, car c'est bien de cela dont il s'agit dans cette lutte, les lignes de commandement doivent etre clairement identifiees et definies. Il ne peut y avoir plusieurs centres de decision au risque de creer des confusions et une cacaphonie prejudiciables pour la riposts. L'unicite dans la gestion d'une telle riposte repond ainsi au triple imperatif de l'efficacite, de la coherence des decisions prises et de la redevabilite.
Tirant ainsi les consequences de Votre decision de placer la conduite de la riposte a l'epidemie de la MVE sous Votre supervision directe, et anticipant la cacophonie prejudiciable a la riposte qui decoulera inevitablement de cette decision, je veins par la presente Vous presenter ma demission de mes fonctions de Ministre de la Sante.
Je Vous prie d'agreer, Excellence Monsieur le President de la Republique, l'expression de mes sentiments patriotiques.
Dr Oly Ilunga Kalenga
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2019.03.09 07:20 DontEvenNeedABucket Fun eats and activities in Brissy?

Hey there! I'm coming up to Brissy next weekend for a long weekend getaway with my partner and wanna know some cool/fun places to eat and any other fun stuff to check out!
Got some stuff I'll be doing like seeing tropical fuck storm at crowbar, the APT at GOMA and the curiocity exhibits along the river.
My partner's a foodie so I'd really appreciate some tips on fun or interesting places to eat and any other must-dos to fill the time in between!
Was thinking about checking out netherworld but I wasn't sure if that's more for hobbyists than people who just casually enjoy arcades.
Thanks so much for any help on just anything worth checking out! Can't wait to spend a long weekend in Brissy.
PS I know you're supposed to look at the FAQ for some of this stuff but a lot of it's outdated or non-existent (the one food link leads to a URL that seems to have been bought by someone else).
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2019.01.09 09:17 nsm1 Introduction to DDT Pro Wrestling

In light of the rumors of them partnering with AEW and their latest partnership with Fight Club: Pro as of January 3rd, 2019. Here's an introduction to the promotion at large.
Often western viewers have viewed them as a comedy promotion, but it kinda goes beyond that. There's a ton of variety that tries to cater to everyone.

Get Ready

  • Founded: 1997
  • Current Owners: CyberAgent (Abema TV, CyGames, Ameba blogs, etc.). Link will take you to a PDF about the entire company overview, it's massive.
  • Official Website: [www.ddtpro.com](www.ddtpro.com)
  • Streaming Service: [DDT Universe](www.ddtpro.com/universe) (free users can watch select matches in a weekly free matches playlist along with select specials that remain forever free)
  • [YouTube Channel](www.youtube.com/ddtofficial) (They post free matches and press conferences)
  • Live Translations in English: [Twitter @ddtpro_eng](www.twitter.com/ddtpro_eng)
  • Quick recaps in English: [Dramatic DDT](dramaticddt.wordpress.com)
For Tokyo Joshi Pro, follow this link for a detailed introduction (information as of June 2018)

Sister Promotions

DDT overall currently has 4 promotions within an umbrella. Each are contained within their own feuds and angles. Some wrestlers can cross over between each promotion for a match or 2. The 2 main ones are DDT and Tokyo Joshi Pro while Basara and Ganbare have an indie feel to it


  • DDT
  • Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW)
  • Pro Wrestling BASARA - Successor to Union Pro Wrestling
  • Ganbare Pro Wrestling


  • DNA - DDT New Attitude, developmental brand to train new wrestlers and create their own feuds. Ended in August 2018 as the wrestlers were highly developed and the show wasn't needed anymore. Will return when new developmental talent is needed.
  • MUSCLE - a comedy focused show. Currently being revived for a special show in February 2018
  • Union Pro Wrestling - Indie variety, folded and became Pro Wrestling BASARA
  • BOYZ - An all female audience special show. Often showcasing the male wrestlers showing off their sex appeal
  • YaroZ - An all male audience special show. Often going into the lewd and perverted side of things

Partnerships with other wrestling promotions

DDT maintains a huge relationship with various promotions, past and present, in regards to bringing their wrestlers over to DDT for a one off match or sending their talent over. Some of the partnerships may have ceased already, but here's a list of promotions they've worked with.
  • Big Japan Pro Wrestling
  • All Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling NOAH
  • New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Dragon Gate
  • Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling
  • Gatoh Move
  • Marvelous
  • Kaientai Dojo
  • Michinoku Pro Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Wave
  • New Nemuro Pro Wrestling
  • Canadian Wrestling's Elite
  • And more

Structure of shows and extra info

DDT's major shows are usually held in Korakuen Hall (monthly) and Ryogoku Sumo Hall (2 times a year). While smaller shows they will tour around the country. The card is mixed between comedy and standard wrestling. Most of the comedy content happens up to the mid card (sometimes can main event as well), while the main events are strictly wrestling or a crazy stipulation match.
A few times a year, they will do Street Wrestling specials held in specific locations such as Theme Parks, factories, campsites, gyms, streets, etc. Often they're a self contained story and some feuds carry over (e.g. The Brahman Brothers murdered Mike Bailey at the campsite and they want to challenge for the Tag Titles next show)
There's also yearly special events such as Beer Garden Week, King of DDT Tournament, D-Oh Grand Prix Tournament.
Outside of the wrestling, some wrestlers make an appearance on Abema TV (Japanese Internet TV Platform) on TheNIGHT during the late night hours Thursday late night into Friday from 1am-3am JST where they just casually talk random things and do mini games. Often you learn more about each of their personalities and interests.
Beyond the promotion, they curently manage 2 bars and a restaurant. The bars are Drop Kick and Swan Dive, the restaurant is Ebisuko. Most of the wrestlers do visit for meet and greets or just have dinner there.


  • KO-D Openweight Championship - Their main singles title
  • DDT Extreme Champsionship - Their secondary title, but have unique rules
  • KO-D Tag Team Championship - Tag Team title
  • KO-D 6 Person Championship - For Trios tag teams
  • DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship - 24/7 Belt and can travel outside of the promotion.
  • Pro Wrestling Basara's Union Max Championship - Singles title
  • Tokyo Joshi Pro's Tokyo Princess of Princess Championship - Singles title
  • Tokyo Joshi Pro's Tokyo Pricess Tag Team Championship - Tag Team
  • Ganbare Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship - Singles

Match types

These can vary depending on the current storylines
  • Singles
  • Tag (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) person
  • 3 way, 4 way, 5 way
  • DDT EXTREME Title Match - Current champion decides on the rules.
  • Battle Royal/Rumble match - over the top rope
  • Comedy - Mostly vary by wrestlers involved.
  • Falls Count Anywere - A grand chunk of their legendary Street Wrestling comes from.


Due to the massive roster, probably better off placing a giant table on this. Most of the wrestlers can cross over between their sister promotions anytime.
Wrestler Promotion Alignment Faction Position in Card Notes
Isami Kodaka Basara Main Basara owner and ace, also appears in BJW
FUMA Basara
Trans am Hiroshi Basara
Goma Ryu Basara
Daichi Kazato Basara
Best Stretch Man V3 Basara
SAGAT Basara
Yusuke Kubo Basara
Ryota Nakatsu Basara Union Max Champion
Takumi Tsukamoto Basara
Ryuichi Sekine Basara
Daiki Shimomura Basara
Takato Nakano Basara
Fuminori Abe Basara
Masato Kamino Basara
Rikiya Shindo Basara
Yasu Urano Basara
Akito DDT Face ALL OUT Upper to Main Current 6 person tag champ
Antonio Honda DDT Tweener The Compliance Mid Mostly in comedy, always give Gon the Fox stories mid match
Daisuke Sasaki DDT Heel DAMNATION Upper to Main Ace, KO-D Openweight Champ
Danshoku Dino DDT Face The Compliance Upper to Main the most gay wrestler you can think of
Gorgeous Matsuno DDT Face Low
Gota Ihashi DDT Face Low to Mid Kota Ibushi's best friend
Hoshitango DDT Face Low Former sumo wrestler
Kazuki Hirata DDT Face DISASTER BOX Mid Tokyo Go!
Kazusada Higuchi DDT Face Mid Former sumo wrestler
Konosuke Takeshita DDT Face ALL OUT Upper to Main Ace, Current Ironman and 6 person tag Champ
KUDO DDT Tweener Shuten Douji Upper to Main
Ladybeard DDT Face Deadlift Lolita Low
Mad Paulie DDT Heel DAMNATION Mid Doesn't talk much
Makoto Oishi DDT Face The Compliance Mid to Upper Married to Misaki Ohata
Masahiro Takanashi DDT Tweener Shuten Douji Upper to Main
Mike Bailey DDT Face Moonlight Express Upper to Main Current KO-D Tag and K-Dojo STRONGEST-K Tag
Naomi Yoshimura DDT Face The Compliance Mid Injured as of Jan 3 2019
Saki Akai DDT Tweener Shuten Douji Mid
Sanshiro Takagi DDT Tweener Mid President of DDT
Shuji Ishikawa DDT/AJPW Heel DAMNATION Upper to Main Currently in AJPW
Soma Takao DDT Heel DAMNATION Upper to Main
Super Sasadango Machine DDT Face The Compliance Mid Powerpoint presentations
Tetsuya Endo DDT Heel DAMNATION Upper to Main Likes bugs
Tomomitsu Matsunaga DDT Face Low to Mid
Toru Owashi DDT Face DISASTER BOX Mid
Yoshihiko DDT Tweener Everywhere The infamous doll who weighs beyond the average human.
Yukio Sakaguchi DDT Tweener Shuten Douji Upper to Main
Yuni DDT Face Low 11 yrs old, Only wrestles whenever DDT is in Osaka due to his primary schooling
Kota Umeda DDT Face Mid
Keisuke Okuda DDT Heel? Low to Mid
Shinya Aoki DDT Tweener Upper to Main Current guest and EXTREME Title holder
MAO DDT Face Moonlight Express Upper to Main Current KO-D Tag and K-Dojo STRONGEST-K Tag
Shunma Katsumata DDT Face ALL OUT Mid to Upper
Mizuki Watase DDT Tweener Mid
Yuki Iino DDT Face The Compliance Mid Current 6 person tag champ
Nobuhiro Shimitani DDT Heel DAMNATION Low to Mid DAMNATION Hype Man
Tanomusaku Toba DDT Face Low to Mid Kickboxer, DDT Video Production
Keisuke Ishii Ganbare Face Upper to Main Transferred from DDT
Ken Ohka Ganbare Tweener Upper to Main Ganbare Owner
Yumehito Imanari Ganbare Upper to Main DDT Video Production
Shota Ganbare Mid DDT Video Production
Koki Iwasaki Ganbare
Shuhe Washida Ganbare
Miyu Yamashita TJPW Face Upper to Main Ace, Sauceboss, mega champ, Singles Champion
Shoko Nakajima TJPW Face Miraclans Upper to Main Little Big Kaiju
Yuka Sakazaki TJPW Face Magical Sugar Rabbits / Miraclans Upper to Main Tag Team Champion
Rika Tatsumi TJPW Face Upper to Main The White Dragon
Hyper Misao TJPW Heel Mid Indefinite Leave as of Jan 4, 2019
Nodoka Tenma TJPW Face Bakuretsu Sisters Mid
Marika Kobashi TJPW Face Low to Mid A fan of Abdullah Kobayashi
Reika Saiki TJPW Face Deadlift Lolita Upper to Main Muscle Idol
Yuna Manase TJPW Tweener Low to Mid
Mizuki TJPW Face Magical Sugar Rabbits/Ito Respect Army Upper to Main Tag Team Champion
Maki Ito TJPW Tweener Ito Respect Army Mid to Upper The Prettiest Wrestler in the world, hunts down idol groups
Yuki Kamifuku TJPW Tweener Low to Mid Kamiyu
Yuki Aino TJPW Face Bakuretsu Sisters Mid
Miu Watanabe TJPW Face Up Up Girls Mid
Pinano Pipipipi TJPW Face Up Up Girls Mid
Hikari Noa TJPW Face Up Up Girls Mid
Raku TJPW Face Up Up Girls Mid
Mina Shirakawa TJPW Face Low to Mid
Natsumi Maki TJPW Tweener Mid Transferred from ActWres Girlz
YUMI TJPW Face Rookie Low
Haruna Neko TJPW Face Rookie Low
Pom Harajuku TJPW Face Rookie Low
Himawari Unagi TJPW Face Rookie Low


Many guests come and go for a match, or stay awhile for a short feud. There's too many to list...
  • Minoru Suzuki
  • Meiko Satomura
  • Daisuke Sekimoto
  • Ryuji Ito
  • Sammy Guevara
  • Veda Scott
  • Priscilla Kelly
  • Joey Ryan
  • Colt Cabana
  • Ethan Page
  • Jun Kasai
  • Masashi Takeda
  • Chigusa Nagayo
  • Takumi Iroha
  • Cherry
  • ASUKA (Pro Wrestling Wave)
  • Kana/Asuka (WWE)
  • Riho
  • Su Yung
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • Go Shiozaki
  • Naomichi Marufuji
  • Jun Akiyama
  • Kikutaro
  • Kuishinbo Kamen
  • Tsukasa Fujimoto
  • Aja Kong
  • Space Monkey
  • Puma King
  • CIMA
  • T-Hawk
  • El Lindaman
  • Duan Yingnan
  • Keiji Mutoh
  • Genichiro Tenryu
  • And many more
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2018.10.07 07:24 fulanka26 [EVENT] Rwanda - Democratic Republic of Congo diplomatic mission 2018

As Rwanda’s largest trading partner, Rwanda seeks to further expand trade relations with the DRC.


1) Establish a market place for civilians in both Rwanda and the DRC to buy and sell goods. Rwanda states that the market be placed in Gisenyi, a city close to Goma. Citizens of the DRC will be required to get a 5 year long identification card from Rwandan authorities. This will allow them to pass through the Rwandan customs without any passports, only requiring to be submitted to a security check as well as following Rwandan laws such as no plastic bags allowed in Rwanda as well as other things.
2) Rwanda seeks for the DRC to create an economic corridor bringing in trade and investment between the two nations. Currently it is faster to go from Tanzania to East Congo then it is to go across the DRC due to severely lacking infrastructure. Rwanda seeks to reboot the DRC’s economy through a Rwanda - DRC economic corridor that stretches from Matadi to Gisenyi. A system of roads, rail, and waterways are to be implemented as part of this economic corridor. For the DRC its job is to build, maintain, and provide security to a small corridor through the DRC
3) Rwanda seeks to improve trade with the DRC by streamlining the process for airlines based in Rwanda to export goods to the DRC through planes. Rwanda’s strong access to the global market compared to the undeveloped eastern DRC regions will provide necessary equipment such as aid, goods, food, water, and oil to be imported in the DRC at a more regular basis. The streamlining process should include a certification of five years to operate in the DRC for the plane and its crew allowing them to avoid going through customs continuously.


1) The DRC has denied allegations that members of its security attempted to establish contact and persuade FDLR members to betraying the FDLR. The Rwandan government would like to clarify these situations and look into potentially developing a system of information sharing and cooperation to end the FDLR threat.
2) With Joseph Kabilia's exit from politics, a new chapter can begin in the DRC. There are however some concerns in regards to the future of DRC and Rwanda's interest in the region, primarily in Kivu. Kivu is the most volatile region in Southern Africa, managing twice to drag numerous African countries, mercenaries, and rebels into a quagmire that all together hurts the Congolese people. One important factor of Rwanda and Uganda's interests are the mines that we allegedly operate. Rwanda seeks that the new government look into ways to legalize and register any possible Rwandan and foreign operated mines.
submitted by fulanka26 to GlobalPowers [link] [comments]

2018.04.07 05:28 fulanka26 [DIPLOMACY] Rwanda - DRC diplomatic mission 2019

As Rwanda’s largest trading partner, Rwanda seeks to further expand trade relations with the DRC.


1) Establish a market place for civilians in both Rwanda and the DRC to buy and sell goods. Rwanda states that the market be placed in Gisenyi, a city close to Goma. Citizens of the DRC will be required to get a 5 year long identification card from Rwandan authorities. This will allow them to pass through the Rwandan customs without any passports, only requiring to be submitted to a security check as well as following Rwandan laws such as no plastic bags allowed in Rwanda as well as other things.
2) Rwanda seeks for the DRC to create an economic corridor bringing in trade and investment between the two nations. Currently it is faster to go from Tanzania to East Congo then it is to go across the DRC due to severely lacking infrastructure. Rwanda seeks to reboot the DRC’s economy through a Rwanda - DRC economic corridor that stretches from Matadi to Gisenyi. A system of roads, rail, and waterways are to be implemented as part of this economic corridor. For the DRC its job is to build, maintain, and provide security to a small corridor through the DRC
3) Rwanda seeks to improve trade with the DRC by streamlining the process for airlines based in Rwanda to export goods to the DRC through planes. Rwanda’s strong access to the global market compared to the undeveloped eastern DRC regions will provide necessary equipment such as aid, goods, food, water, and oil to be imported in the DRC at a more regular basis. The streamlining process should include a certification of five years to operate in the DRC for the plane and its crew allowing them to avoid going through customs continuously.


1) The DRC has denied allegations that members of its security attempted to establish contact and persuade FDLR members to betraying the FDLR. The Rwandan government would like to clarify these situations and look into potentially developing a system of information sharing and cooperation to end the FDLR threat.
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2017.05.21 00:49 Dracon_Pyrothayan The Partners, Alone -- The Penultimate of my Multi-Part Analysis Series on the Commanders of C16

Part 1, the Dicolor Pairs, can be found Here
Part 2, the Sharded Pairs, can be found Here
Part 3, the Clannish Pairs, can be found Here
Part 4, the Tetrachrome Pairs, can be found Here
Part 6, the Tetrachrome Flagship Finale
Hello Reddit!
We've been playing with the C16 commanders for the better part of a year now, and I still don't see them being discussed to their full potentials.
To be fair, WotC did kind of dump 125 new commander options onto us in one go, so it'l take some dedication to unpack. 105 partner pairs, +15 individual partners, +5 Tetrachrome Flagship commanders.
Fortunately, I enjoy unpacking things. This is the first of my multi-part series dedicated to just that!
And don't worry if you're binging: I'll be updating each member of this series with links to the others as they progress.
As always, please add to the discussion! If you point out an oversight, mistake, or hidden synergy I did not see, I'll edit the original post and give you credit!
So. Let's get started!

The Partners, Alone
This is a final collection of my thoughts on these nutters after I've spent a week discussing their 105 different combinations with y'all. If you've been reading all of these in order, the conclusions are unlikely to surprise you. If, however, you're reading them out of context, you may discover interactions as startlingly as did I. I feel, if nothing else, that we as a community should look at the 5th entry, as he's where I've learned the most in doing these.
Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker
Voltron Commanders want 3 things to be successful, whether in-hand or in the deck : Power, Evasion, & Resilience. Ishai has the first 2 covered, and in great colors for a deck controlling enough to defend her. Unfortunately, as her growth is both incremental and out of your control, you’ll want to lean HEAVILY on adding to her defence.
Ravos, Soultender
The Anthem effect suggests going wide, but the Disentomb effect is more powerful, and more flexible. It’s also more vulnerable, so you’ll want to defend Ravos fairly heavily (or give him Flash, at least).
Tymna the Weaver
Tymna’s a more sane version of Edric, but in colors that need the mechanic far more. Aside from simply going wide and evasive, you can also simply arrange for one unblockable creature to be equipped with the [[Blade of Selves]] for a more conservative version of this insanity.
Silas Renn, Seeker Adept
“Which is more dangerous”, asks the blocker, “Letting them recast an Artifact from the Grave, or losing the creature with whom I block?” Silas knows which one he’d prefer, but is fairly content with slaying a blocker out of spite -- particularly if he’s given First/Double Strike or Indestructible first.
Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist
A rather controversial conclusion has come to me in this analysis series: Ludevic is actually a decent partner! You should always play him with a [[Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur]], possibly as a “Hidden Commander”. If you’re also running Black, you should run [[Sire of Insanity]] for the same reason -- If your opponents can’t keep cards in their hands, they become dependent on the card draw that Ludevic brings to the table. If you’re pairing Ludevic with a more aggressive commander, you really want to throw out an [[Assault Suit]] or other methods of temporarily loaning them to the opponents. Again, if you strangle their natural resources, they’ll become dependent on you to have any play at all. Ironically, by forcing you to build a deck that is paranoid, deceptive, and calls forth a hidden terror of another realm entirely, Ludevic's much maligned mechanics may make him the most flavorful commander of the fifteen.
Kraum, Ludevic’s Opus
Though clearly no Tymna, Kraum goes a long way to getting you to actual Card Advantage vs the Table. On quite the other hand, being a 4/4 Flying Haste means a modicum of extra power turns him into a huge Voltron threat. Being thusly of two worlds, he’s at least good in about every deck. Add Black (and possibly one other color) for an interesting version of Zombie Tribal, to boot.
Vial Smasher the Fierce
It’s Vial Smasher. She’s already being run as a solo commander in serious games. You don’t need me to explain why.
Reyhan, Last of the Abzan
Of the 21 Golgari Commanders, 5 of them care about +1/+1 counters. Admittedly, Reyhan’s two of these, as the list also includes her Partnership with Ikra Shidiqi. Still, though it is yet another entry into a fairly common theme, Reyhan’s play on the archetype is wholly unique. The death of a +1/+1 counter deck is when the opposing threat outweighs your resilience, but Reyhan mitigates that issue into nigh-irrelevance. A single indestructible or regenerative creature means that the growth you’ve been hoarding is still maintained, and is now concentrated into one colossal threat, as none in the Abzan fight alone.
Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper
Ikra Shidiqi is now the 3rd (and 4th) Golgarish commander that cares about toughness, behind the [[Sapling of Calfenor]] and [[Doran the Seige Tower]]. This makes her stand out more than if she simply granted your creatures Lifelink, even though that second possibility would have made her generally stronger. Still, if you’re caring for Toughness rather than Power, you wind up with a deck that can block most comers, waiting for an opportune moment to strike while an opponent’s position is down. Meanwhile, she herself has 7 toughness and Menace, and so has Voltron potential as a tertiary win-condition.
Tana, the Bloodsower
Well, she converts a deck that’s dedicated to going Tall into one that’s simultaneously going Wide, and has the Trample to ensure this happens. Alternatively, if you have a wide enough field and some stuff that goes Tall, those saprolings she’s spitting out can go from nobody to nightmare. Aggro all the way, but how this happens is very much up to you. However, I would be remiss if I did not mention the infinite combats combo that comes from her and [[Breath of Fury]]. So long as it’s not Tana that you’re enchanting, you always have another creature you can enchant/sacrifice, assuming you can arrange for your saprolings to have haste and be unblockable, but that’s easily done with the right partnership.
Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder
The Nomad of Goma Fada is, in the absence of other creatures, a 3/3 double-strike lifelink for 4 while attacking. However, when entering/attacking, he can throw his cloak of keywords onto another’s back. If you want to build him voltronically, great! If you want to have something else be large, also great! You really do want to have a ‘Best Creature’ to double when attacking, though.
Akiri, Line-Slinger
Akiri throws Boros essentially a new archetype. You see, only [[Depala]] and [[Jor Kadeen]] care whether you have any artifacts at all, and neither particularly want a large number. Akiri, on the other hand, wants you to have metal by the tonnage, and isn’t particularly particular about what those rocks are doing. The fact that she’s a Voltron commander affords you quite a bit of freedom in how you build the 99. Besides, it’s simply refreshing to have a Boros commander that doesn’t force you to build a wide-weenie strat.
There is also a darker timeline with our Kor. That previously mentioned "metal by the tonnage" is likely to be Mana Rocks, and we are in the best colors for Mass Land Destruction. Having the most mana at the table is a rarity for Boros, and this way we'll also be carrying a 2 mana win condition in our command zone that will be largely unopposed by the board. She might be your conqueror of the misbegotten Zone Rouge after Armageddon.
Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa
Speaking of a wide-weenie strat, there’s this guy. The deck archetype is not exactly new to Selesnya, but what makes Sidar Kondo unique is that A), he grants evasion to all of your small fry, and B), he grants evasion to those of opponents who are attacking each other. That second ability pushes him far beyond what he may have been. The Flanking is fairly ancillary, but it also points to him secretly being the Knight lord we’ve been wanting for ages. Also, [[Mirror Entity]] and the phrase “In response to your declaration of no blockers…” are both things. Just sayin’.
Thrasios, Triton Hero
Again, folks are building this one as a solo commander, though far more have the good sense to at least pair him with Kydele. Card Draw and Ramp in the command zone as an infinite mana sink is incredible, even in the colors that least need card draw and ramp. In a world where you can staple him to the colors that do need that boost….
Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix
What, you don’t like tapping your commander for an incredible amount of mana? Well you can always sink 3 of that mana into untapping with [[Umbral Mantle]] … and you’ve just gone infinite. Whoops. She synergizes with your drawing of more cards, and no deck will ever say ‘You know what? I don’t want to draw more cards. I’m full, thanks’.
Next time: The Tetrachrome Flagship commanders, and a conclusion to the whole mess.
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2017.05.04 17:45 Vertci [NEWS] Congo's Choice, 2045 (III) - Election Results

The results of the election are in! Let's see how each party did.

Federal Assembly - Total: 600

Party Position Seats
Federalist People's Union Center Left, Pro-Congo 81
People's Citizen's Party Left-Leaning, Pan-African 110
Movement for the Liberation of Congo Center Right, Pro-Congo 79
Native African Coalition Right-Leaning, Pan-African 107
Coalition of Christian Democrats Center Right 81
Social Front of Independent Republicans Left Wing 71
United Africa Front Far Right, Pro-Congo 8
Democratic People's Party of Reconstruction Right Wing 15
Green Party Left Wing 10
Movement for the Libertarian Right Libertarian 9
Pygmy People's Union Pygmy Representation 13
Independents Various 16
Governing Coalition is indicated in bold.
The Federalist People's Union has been reduced to the Junior partner in a new, Pan-African focused Center-Left to Left Wing governing coalition lead by the People's Citizen's Party. The PCP was able to easily draw in the Social Front and the Green Party, and after hard negotiation the PPU and all 16 Centrist Independents were drawn in after some minor changes to the Coalition platform.
The coalition holds a hair-thin majority at 301, making the government a bit shaky and unsteady - major concerns are already being raised at the idea of the FPU breaking with the coalition in the case of any major Pan-African decision.

Federal Senate - Total: 85

Party Position Seats
Federalist People's Union Center Left, Pro-Congo 14
People's Citizen's Party Left-Leaning, Pan-African 15
Movement for the Liberation of Congo Center Right, Pro-Congo 8
Native African Coalition Right-Leaning, Pan-African 15
Coalition of Christian Democrats Center Right 13
Social Front of Independent Republicans Left Wing 7
United Africa Front Far Right, Pro-Congo 2
Democratic People's Party of Reconstruction Right Wing 2
Green Party Left Wing 1
Movement for the Libertarian Right Libertarian 2
Pygmy People's Union Pygmy Representation 2
Independents 4
The Senate is far more mixed and the independents are once again a lynch pin in any decision. Once again the left-wing coalition rules by quite literally a single seat, so any break from the coalition will likely result in a new snap election.


Candidate - Party - Percent (1st Round) - Percent (2nd Round)
Tshala Masengo PCP 40% 56%
Thomas Luntalaa NAC 35% 44%
Sifa LuaLua CDC 13% -
Goma Lema FPU 10% -
Other Various 2% -
Tshala Masengo, of the People's Citizen's Party, has won the Presidential election in the second round and has become the country's first female President.
submitted by Vertci to worldpowers [link] [comments]

2016.10.24 17:51 wishihadtusks speculating on remaining Partner Commanders

Ok, so we'll be getting 15 partner commanders. one for each allied color-pair and two for each enemy color-pair, and they will all be characters from magic's past who don't have cards yet. Any guesses as to who the remaining commanders will be and what decks they'll be in?
This is what we know so far:
UB - Silas Renn, seeker adept: an old adversary of Tezzeret from Esper
GW - Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa: adoptive father of Gerard and Volrath from Dominaria
WR - Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder: from Goma Fada, the caravan city on Zendikar. Mentioned in lots of (great) flavor text.
UR - Kraum, Ludvic's Opus: Ludvic's greatest creation from Innistrad
UR - Ludvic: master stitcher from Innistrad. No card released yet, but it was revealed he'll be getting one (PROBABLY NOT AN ARTIFACT COMMANDER)
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2016.05.26 20:50 your_mind_aches Gee, it sure is boring around here.

My boy. This peace is what all warriors strive for. L: I just wonder what Ganon is up to. Gwonam: Your majesty. Ganon [gænʌn] and his minions have seized the islands of Koridai [kɔɹɪdaɪ̯]. K: Hmm... How can we help? G: It is written: only Link can defeat Ganon. L: Great! I'll grab my stuff! G: There is no time; your sword is enough. L: How about a kiss... For luck? Zelda (Z): You've got to be kidding. G: Squadila! [squa.dɪ.la] We're off! L: Wow! What are all those heads? G: These are the faces of evil. You must conquer each. L: I guess I better get going. G: Here! ...Is the map. Where do you wish to go?
⁓ Morshu: Lamp oil, rope, bombs? You want it? It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.
⁓ Morshu: Sorry, Link. I can't give credit. Come back when you a little... Mmm. Richer!
⁓ Frozen women: Help! Ganon froze the fountain; I'm stuck!
⁓ FW: Here, have some Water of Life. L: (Gulp, gulp, gulp!) FW: My, you're thirsty! Oh my goodness!
⁓ Fisherman: Biggest crab I ever caught. Heh-heh! L: It's a Goma! Fisherman: Yeah, pretty good. Here! L: Thanks!
⁓ Fisherman: Keep going, boy. You're doing real well. Once you get rid of Ganon, we can get back to fishing.
⁓ Fish Lady: Dairas [daɪras] came straight from the crater 'ill I boarded the vent. Used a skull for a latch and not one Dairas figured it out.
⁓ Ipo: I am the reader Ipo [aɪ.poʊ]. If you bring me the book of Koridai, I will gladly read the secret verse.
⁓ Fat (seductive) woman: You're not afraid of dragons. Are you? L: (Gulp.) Of course not. Fat woman: Then get my necklace back from Gleeok [gli.ɑk]. Okay? Pretty please?
⁓ Old (yellow coat) man: It's [dɛθs] mighty dark with all the evil about. Keep this lantern full. It will light your way. L: Thanks!
⁓ Old man: Not many left, Link. There's Druick [druɪ̩k] 'round the side of Glutko [glʌt.goʊ]. Aye.
⁓ G: Look! What has happened! Ganon: In the darkest nightmare hour, when the moon nor sun has risen, I take Zelda in my power. I shall keep her in my prison.
⁓ Ganon: Join me, Link! And I will make your face greatest in Koridai or else you will die!
⁓ Ganon: No! Not into the pit! It burns!
⁓ Fairy 1: You're doing great, Link! Fairy 2: You're our hero. F1: Here's a Life Heart. F2: We know you can beat Ganon.
⁓ F1: You're doing great, Link! F2: You're our hero. F1: Here's some Water of Life. F2: Drink, Link!
⁓ Old (ugly) witch: I may be old and ugly, but, I still know a few tricks! Bring some grapple-berries. I'll show you a good one.
⁓ Old witch: Stir the berries in the tub. Let the juices soak the glove. Let Link fight and gather cower. For his glove's a glove of power. L: Wow! Thanks!
⁓ Fat woman: How sweet. (Kisses) Muah. My husband gave me this. He's an [abɒmɪnʌm][?] now. Here. It's not much, but, it will still carry water.
⁓ Ice queen: Before you face the foul fiend Ganon, you must conquer Fortress Centrum [sɛn.trʌm]. Treasure of death is hidden. Bring it to me. Be gone.
⁓ IQ: This shield, both sword and spear deflects, but, cannot stop the villainous curse. This crystal makes the shield reflect cursing the curser with twice the curse.
⁓ G: Look! And see Goronu. Goronu: Wake up, sleepy bones. I'm the living anti cut ner vial throats. Bwuh-ha-ha...
⁓ Goronu: I may be hideous, but, after a year of being frozen, you will beg to join me.
⁓ L: Hey, Zelda. Wake up! Goronu [goroʊnu]: What? Link? You saved me!
⁓ Goronu: You can't kill me! No, no, no...!
⁓ G: See how Harliquin [harlɪkwɪn] capture Koridians? Computer: You lose. Koridian: (Sniffles) Harliquin: Do you know what it means when lose your last ruby?! (Snort.) Now you will work for me! (Snort.) Take him away! (Snort.)
⁓ Harliquin: I say your chances are a million to none, but, let's have fun! Anyway!
⁓ Harliquin: Now you see me. Now you don't!
⁓ Harliquin: Ah! Ah-ha... Lucky shot... L: Golly!
⁓ Astronomer: The stars are made of ice. Thus, the night is cold. Bring the crystal from Sairagon [sɛrɑgɔn] and I will prove the light of ice penetrate more than fire.
⁓ Astronomer: Now, if we make a simple vacuum and spin the ice just so. There!
⁓ G: Look! ...How Militron [mɪlɪtrɒn] makes his warriors. Militron: Worthless Koridian. You must be hardened with fire! Go and kill!
⁓ Militron: Feel the fire of war!
⁓ Militron: Now, you must die!
⁓ Militron: Oh my goodness! This is awful!
⁓ Fat Girl: My hero! (Kiss) Won't you L: Oh, God... FG: ---please jump across that lil' old chasm--- L: Yuck... FG: ---and cut my daddy's chains? Pretty please? Have a heart.
⁓ Smith: Please, Link. Jump and cut these chains. The Arpagos [ɑrpagʌs] are driving me crazy.
⁓ Smith: Thanks. Say, you have a Fire Diamond, don't you? L: Sure! Smith: Then let me fix your sword. Let's see how it works. L: Wow!
⁓ Beer guy: What are you're havin' partner? [pɑrt.ə] L: I'm going to fight Glutko. BG: Don't fight him; feed him! (Snort.) Feed him something spicy! Know what I mean?
⁓ G: Through the eye of Glutko lies the shrine of Koridai. Glutko: Awm-yee. I'm simply famished. Koridian: No! Glutko: Mmm. Tastes like a Daira [daɪra]! Perhaps just one more?
⁓ Glutko: Good goodie! Mashed Link for the main course.
⁓ Glutko: Wuh-oh!
⁓ Ipo: Listen! Such is the power of the prince of darkness that he can kill with a single look. Attacks against Ganon will prove fruitless unless Link attacks with the sacred book.
⁓ G: Consider Lupay [lupeɪ], the most of Ganon's minions. Lupay: With this ruby, I replace your soul. You will obey. Koridan: Ah-woo-ooh... Aw-woo-ooh.
⁓ Lupay: I spy with my eye, someone who must die.
⁓ Lupay: I will not die! Ah-woo...
⁓ G: At last, you have the vision to find my house! Now, you will see the [sæn.kɹu.mis] that prevent your approach to Ganon. Go, with many blessings!
⁓ Z: Uh. Why'd you do that? L: I just saved you from Ganon! Z: You did not! G: Well done, Link! Ganon is once again imprisoned. Come, look! Already Koridai is returing to harmony. The birds are singing. Is it beatiful? L: Golly! G: As it written, you, Link, are the hero of Koridai! L: I guess that's worth a kiss? Huh? Z: Ha! L: I won!
submitted by your_mind_aches to GiorgioArmani [link] [comments]

2016.01.17 05:21 awfeel [OGW] Undefeated (All Day) Sealed Player - Extensive Limited Knowledge of the meta - AMA

Literally didn't lose a game all day. Although I tied once 1/1/1 I believe that I could easily answer any questions some of you might have about the current limited format.
This means both Sealed and Draft as well as both Singles and Two Headed Giant.
The morning singles game I drafted Red Green Aggro (with some land synergy). This current set is very heavily creature based and if I have 15 creatures on board... well lets say your ONE removal spell isn't going to perform well enough.
Cards like Chandra, Fall of the Titans, and Radiant Flames are your very best friends. I would be in red specifically for these cards (as I was during two headed).
I constructed both of the decks tonight for two headed giant against my partners wishes for the better. We ended every game with well over 30 life and barely scathed as we mopped up opponents (Could have almost one a single game with Felidar, but I took the safer route even though we were AT 40 lol).
I had my partner play Green (to Support), White, Black Allies.
He also had an infinite combo in his deck that unfortunately we never were able to have come together.
[[Eldrazi Displacer]] + [[Brood Monitor]] = Infinite sac triggers.
Sac 3 Tokens, Flicker the monitor, repeat.
So, when paired with things like [[Zulaport cuttroat]] its instant win.
He wanted to build AROUND that combo but as I looked at the pool I realized we had the tools to build full B/W/G Allies.
[[Kalastria Healer]] as well as the Cohort Gain and Lose Lifers paired with [[Cliffhaven Vampire]].
He had the board and our life covered, but we just needed stability.
This is where surge flying 3/3 for 2U comes in. I ran a few of those, couple of counters, some burn, and some prowess things here or there. Literally just to support his stuff. We needed to just keep the board stable and drop [[Hero of Goma Fada]] and then use [[Radiant Flames]] to chip at their smaller chump blockers to make effecient trades.
I am able answer anything about my experience or to give advice about limited to the best of my ability.
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PEUGEOT CONSEJOS PRESIÓN NEUMÁTICOS  By #CdRas - YouTube Como adaptar Butacas en partner o berlingo - YouTube CAMBIAR GOMAS DE REBOTE AMORTIGUADOR TRASERO CHEVROLET ... MANGUERAS GASOLINA MOTOSIERRA COMO CAMBIAR EN EL ORDEN ... Tutorial: Cómo resetear la presión de los neumáticos de tu ... como cambiar los soportes del motor - YouTube resetear chivato presion neumaticos peugeot 308 Cambio de Posapies (protector-goma) YAMAHA YBR 125 TAPIZADO DE BUTACA DE RENAULT BERLINGO EN PANA AUTOMOTRIZ

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  2. Como adaptar Butacas en partner o berlingo - YouTube
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  8. Cambio de Posapies (protector-goma) YAMAHA YBR 125

Sencillo cambio, pero hay que saberlo hacer o nos cargamos las gomas nuevas por colocarlas mal. Redes sociales: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Revez100 C... Como poner/Instalar las mangueras de gasolina de una motosierra en el orden correcto para que funcione bien. Como se ponen correctamente las mangueras de gas... En el video de esta semana , veremos como resetear el chivato de los neumaticos de un peugeot 308 , un saludo amigos de los coches suscribiros , si os ha ayudado *****PUEDES SEGUIRNOS EN NUESTRAS ... en este video veremos el cambio de soportes de motor mas videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCViccTSqHlV3gcOPrBNSRWQ/videos?view_as=subscriber #CdRas is your motor program in Spain. You can see us at Garage TV and 86 local TV channel. You can also listen us in CadenaSer radio *****www.g-g... Steampunk Apothecary Chest Coffee Table made from pallet wood and recycled copper. - Duration: 29:51. Epic UpCycling 549,561 views Adaptacion de soportes para cualquier tipo de butacas respetando los anclajes originales del vehículo. En este caso una peugeot partner Mis redes sociales: Facebook: https://facebook.com/AgusVargasYT Instagram: https://instagram.com/agusvargas1 Número de parte de las gomas: GM 95154454 Número... Aprende, de la mano de #CarzaTV, cómo resetear la presión de los neumáticos de tu Peugeot.