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You, me, and a suitcase full of money

2019.02.21 07:50 BrunchBabadook You, me, and a suitcase full of money

... If you're looking for a partner in crime, I'd like to hear from you, but there is a caveat: last time i wrote here and made a connection with someone, i ended up in the trunk of a drug dealer's car in Beirut, so I'm mostly just looking for conversation for the time being.
Hi there. I am a guy ~almost 25 years old!~ living in the pacific northwest of the united states. I love watching scary movies, drinking coffee, playing video games, listening to music, reading books, and apparently, living in hermetic isolation. My favorite foods are pizza and rice and beans, and anything spicy; i smother everything i eat in hot sauce. I write for a newspaper for a living, and I'm gay. That's pretty much everything.
I'm here if you're looking for someone new to talk to. Yes, Ashlee Simpson and I did get trapped in an embassy and have our passports revoked in Vietnam in 2013, and no, she didn't give me back the cardigan I got in Kuwait, and I'm still mad about it. I only met Richard Branson in the Caribbean one time, after hurricane irma, but he actually gave me great advice about what to do with my life. I'd like to talk with you about your life, and possibly make a new friend. This has nothing to do with the fact that Rumer Willis cut me out of the group message. I just think it's time to meet new people.
So let me know if you'd like that too. Thanks and hope to hear from you.
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2018.03.28 15:14 OratioFidelis A list of English female yandere songs I have collected over the years

These are all lovesick female singers, I have not included any that are just mentally ill or violent, or ones that are just about a lover killing or hurting her cheating partner (that can be more scorn than jealousy, e.g. Before He Cheats). I have them divided into three four tiers here: The first tier is blatantly yandere girls, pining for love. The second tier is less explicitly so, but can still reasonably be interpreted as yandere; perhaps the yandere-ishness is downplayed or just one part of the song's themes. The third tier are songs that are a bit tongue-in-cheek about it with a sense of humor or sarcasm, albeit not entirely joke/comedy songs. A ¶ symbol means the singer is originally male, although there exists a female vocals cover on Youtube. (I'm aware of some more but they're not on the list because I just honestly don't think they're good songs IMO.) EDIT: The zeroth tier is actively invoking the yandere trope.
Tier 0 (intentionally invoking the yandere trope):
Tier 1 (blatantly yandere):
Tier 2 (downplayed or ambiguously yandere):
Tier 3 (sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek yandere):
EDITED 16-Nov-18
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