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Any chance for Kenny vs. Spenny season 7? Even a little chance? I would love to do it, I would do 500 more episodes. It's my favourite show in the world. Call comedy central and showcase and bug the shit out of them.
Also, not to be Woody Harrelson, but the more online fans I get the easier it is to convince shitty broadcasters to give us a fucking show.
What about shooting it yourself and putting it up on something like YouTube? That's not what the show is. I do shit that needs cash. I can't wander around with an iPhone. It's a network series. We did the low budget when it started. Better to do something bigger better and cooler. But I hear ya.
So Spenny is not the problem? No, he is a problem. But that's why the show is so good. It's a series. We need a broadcaster. Simple as that.
How much more do you think spenny can handle? Maybe one more guy in his butt. But 4 cocks is a lot right now.
Are you actually communist, your house is full of USSR stuff. No, it's just shit I collected when I was a kid. Fuck the commies.
Right, but you did the low budget before and it worked. Are you less proud of this idea now that you don't think it's worth the same as when you started? I don't go backwards, i go forward.
Have you considered funding a Season 7 using a crowd sourcing site like Kickstarter, getting the budget you need, and then publishing it online? I prefer scabbing corporate cash. I don't want to take my fans money. Fuck that. Let me milk the piggers first, and if that fails then I'll bow my head to you humble folk. And I'll suck your dick.
Whats going on Kenny, I've always wanted to know this; how did Spenny react when you revealed he had been getting blowjobs from a transvestite? Did he flip out off camera or what? Happy New Years! He basically quit doing the show. I broke his brain. My bad.
In the Sperm episode did you really steal that x-ray machine and radiate Spennys balls or was that just for show? And was the cause of his sickness actually the meat you fucked? What was the worst humiliation Spenny gave you? What was the worst humilation you gave Spenny? I did a lot of things in the show to mislead Spenny, this was one of them. I knew that Spenny was secretly watching some of my footage to see my tactics, even though we had a deal that he was not allowed to do that. Because I felt that would actually ruin our series. Even his crew was under strict instructions not to tell him 'there was acid in the orange juice'. The radiation machine was a plan that I used hoping he would see the footage and freak out. I think I fucked up by putting that stuff in the show. But I never radiated him. We just did so many episodes and I was editing so much shit, at the time I just thought 'oh that's cool, the audience will love that' but I should've told the audience what was going on. I did so many things that were worse than that for real. In the end I'm just happy that you're so into the series that the things that piss you off are the same things that piss me off.
I'm just wondering, how's your relationship to Spencer nowadays? Are you still pals? It's getting better. I love him like my down syndrome, amputee, aborted... brother?
I go to school at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. I was grocery shopping with a friend of mine when I noticed Spenny with his wife. My friend and I approached him and spoke to him for a few minutes. We took a photo with him. Afterwards, my friend pointed out that he looks as if he's been doing drugs. Well, does Spenny have a drug problem? He also looked very depressed. Well, is Spenny depressed? Yes and I apologize for both.
So he actually got married? I don't know about married, but he just had a baby girl. I hope the family gets her back.
I really dont know when your fucking with us or not. That's exactly where I want you.
Is your relationship with Spenny accurately represented on-camera? Do you get along well off-camera? The show is real. Our relationship is real. KVS was a documentary.
How aware was Spenny of the show's running joke? Did he know he was always being manipulated and played along for the humor of it, or was he actually that gullible & naive? When Matt and Trey met Spenny they knew the show was real and they put us on Comedy Central. He had no idea, but he's finally figured it out.
Why does the show have writing credits? Because that's the only way we could get paid through Telefilm.
In the episode where you had to see who could do more with girls, did Spenny really go that far with a Tranny or was that just for the show? Do you actually think he would allow me to fake something like that?
What exactly happened with Spenny's mom on the episode where you were trying to get further with each others mothers? Let's just say I'm still scrubbing my finger.
Did you use your stump finger? No, I only use that on hymens.
Hey dude, do you and spenny ever hang out away from the show? If so how is it when the cameras are off? Do you guys plan on making anymore shows together? What have you been doing? Also, I loved the show KVS and laughed at your amazing antics! Keep it up! I'm only allowed to see him during visiting hours at the pedophile wing of the asylum.
Does Spenny ever smile? I'm not even joking I've never seen the guy smile. Only in playgrounds.
I had never heard of your show before this AMA, but the way you are answering everything gets respect. Here goes the next few hours of my day discovering your insanity. Send me the laundry bill.
What's your relationship with Trey and Matt? Do you know them well? No, they let a lot of strangers sit and write South Park with them. I love those boys. I'm especially close to Matt. I can't even tell you how cool it is to be friends with those fucking guys. I will tell you one thing though that I've never ever mentioned before. The first time they met Spenny, the next day they told me 'Do not ever bring that guy out, ever again.'
True Story.
What did you do for New Years Eve last night? Didn't get her name.
Other then Spencer's mom, what are you working on currently? Just did a google youtube channel deal. Finally pitching more TV. Cross your fingers for the KVS movie. There's "talk"
After that huge construction noise scared the shit out of everybody, how long was Spenny chained in that room before someone finally got him out? Was he just as scared/confused as you and the camera crew were? He was so happy and wouldn't shut up about what pussies we all were. Even though he probably pissed himself while we were all outside.
Why don't you make a kickstarter for funding for kenny vs spenny season 7? Cuz I'm not a lesbo that wants to make some shitty webisode about why my dad doesn't love me.
Also, can you tell us about the best reaction you ever got from Spenny when he went back and watched the episode and saw the kinds of sht you pulled? Violent freak-outs usually.
Does any of them in particular stand out? like did he ever go right off the deep end and start destroying your guys house or something? I love that you realize how fucking crazy the guy went. That was a big part of the show for me was to show people that he was violent and I wasn't. People that are Spenny fans confuse me. Whose side are you on? A guy who's violent or a guy who's not? Thanks for saying that, you really know your shit on the series.
How did the broadcasters react to the "Kennibal" episode of Triumph of the Will? Was it hard to put it past them? Kennibal: They had a fucking heart attack.
Also, if you could rate Spenny's mom on a scale from 1-10; what would she be?! Spenny's Mom: .001 - and that's just because 'it' has a vag.
Any news from dr. Goldfield? He quit the show. I made some joke about him causing 911 and he freaked out and locked us out of the store. For the Christmas Episode he waved for the camera and he's got some KVS 8X10 in his window in Koreatown - Bloor West. But I fucking love him. He is weird, crazy and amazing.
I was so proud when I visited Toronto for the first time and I randomly stumbled upon Dr. Goldfield's pharmacy by complete coincidence. I saw the poster in the window. Cool.
Hi Kenny, what is one of your favorite quotes from KvS that you still laugh at from time to time? for example, "Baby want milk milk" makes me laugh every time i think of you saying it. That is one of my favorite lines. So proud of the millions of jokes I made.
Kenny, thanks for doing the AMA, and Happy New Years! What was your favorite humiliation of Spenny on Kenny vs Spenny? And conversely, what humiliation that Spenny did to you was the worst for you? Oh, so many I loved doing to him. All of them were great for me. Tongue scraping I think was the worst. Number 1 worst humiliation was sitting on a toilet on University Ave. Can't remember the show, it just made me look at my life and think 'wtf am I doing?' But looking back I loved how lucky we were.
I have watched all the KvsS episodes, in the last couple of shows it felt just kinda scripted.. wasn´t there a part of the show planned/acted? I had to prepare all my stuff. Gay guys to rape Spenny. Make sure I had acid. Finding a capaberra. But Spenny's content was 100% real. I've said it many times. When you shoot 30-40 hours a week and you cut it into under 20 minutes, it looks so good and tight, so sure you think it looks fake, but it's fucking real. And I think that's why it got so big. People just knew it was real. Trust me I wish I was such a genius that I could have written all that. If you saw Single White Spenny, you'd know the show was real. That's why I loved that series so much, because it should prove to everyone what he is like when he acts. KVS is real. Shut up. Deal with it.
To this date, what was the most defining moment in your life? Hmmm... good question. Fuck off.
What were some competitions you wanted to do on Kenny Vs Spenny, but for whatever reason were never able to do? Tonnes. But the one Spenny wanted to do was 'Who could jerk off more' and 'who could fuck his mother more' but I didn't want to lose
I have two questions. Are you currently working on anything new? Is there a blu-ray release of Kenny vs Spenny planned? No blu-ray and yes, I am getting back to work. I'm gonna sell a fucking show, pray to god somebody is stupid enough to give me a deal.
I wish I had an interesting question to ask knowing this will be on the front page soon. But I have never seen your show. Best. Question. Ever. Have fun on geek.
Hey Kenny, fucking love all your work. What can your fans do to make sure we see more of your ass stuff on TV? Spam/Hack/Embed Any and all of my shit to any big celebrity. i don't know if you guys realize that me having facebook fans, twitter followers and subscribing to my youtube channel gets me shows. Broadcasters need incentive. The next show I do is going to be fucking retarded.
So... who really smoked more pot The crew or you and spenny? Me of course. What are you a Spenny fan?
I know that you were a war photographer during the Gulf War. Could you share your favourite picture from your time there? Also as a fellow Torontonian, I have loved KVS for years. It was 1991, I actually sold a Kilo of weed to fund me going to shoot that shit. It was really fucking heavy. I don't ever wanna be anywhere near that fucking shit again. People are fucking crazy. People can show up at our house and shoot us and kill our families at any time. Mankind is fucked. Enjoy your life. Be good.
Be honest. Did you ever pork Bianca? No, no I did not. :(
Kenny, what's next for you? KvS is one of my favs and Triumph of the Will was fun. Trying not to get wasted every night or bone too many supermodels.
Hey Kenny. You fucking rock! I was wondering what your neighbors thought of Kenny versus spenny. You guys made a LOT of noise all the time so either you had the coolest fucking neighbors or they were gone a lot. Like who seriously doesn't notice spenny shitting his pants on LSD in the back yard? They were all crack heads. we lived on Sherbourne in Toronto. It's like Main and Hastings.
What is Spenny up to these days? Does he acknowledge Single White Spenny as a horrible show? He works as a portalette in an AIDS hospice.
Are we going to be seeing Anything from you soon? I loved KvS, Testees and Triumph of the Will! Any chance for more? Yeah I'm on 'To Catch a Predator 5' this Sunday.
Silencio vs. Maurice Del Taco, who would win in a naked knife fight? Silencio, but Maurice would be too busy masturbating.
When are you coming back to the UK? When you get a Burkah law.
What is this 'talk' about a KvS movie? I've turned down the movie twice because it was during the series and didn't think we were ready for it. But being a Jew if they wanna throw me millions to make the funniest fucking movie ever. Sure? Why not. Will bail Spenny out of prison and hopefully do it.
Hey Kenny! I wonder whats going on with the Kenny vs Spenny house now. Is some random guy living there or does the production company own it? It's always been rented to Ryerson students in between our filming. I still hope they haven't found that bitch in the southwestern wall.
Which was your least favorite of all the competitions to do? Rapper.
Hi Kenny! Were there any competitions that you guys (or maybe just you) wanted to do but couldn't do because of the broadcaster's restrictions - something just too crazy for television? Yes, always. But dump your pants and those types of shows are embarrassing to me now.
Was there any competition that someone won so fast you had to cut or restart it? 'Stain' was lost in the first 5 seconds. Had to change the rules on a lot of them. We were doing a TV show, we had to deliver an episode or they would sue the fuck out of us. There was a lot of pressure. Like the pressure Spencer's grandpapa put against his teeny sphincter when he was an infant.
Do you have aids? I have maids.
Would you rather fight 100 goose-sized Mounties or 1 Mountie-sized goose? I would like to 'goose' a mountie.
Edit: Or mount a goose... I've already fucked a turkey on national television.
In the episode "Who Can Kiss More Girls?" Spenny found a girl who actually liked him but he didn't believe you weren't somehow in on it. After watching the show air, did he realise you weren't messing with him? And did he ever go after that girl? No idea, i don't think he ever saw her again.
What has been your least favorite challenge? What has been the worst humiliation for you personally? Check others, answered this a few times. Hated doing humiliations, they destroyed. But my favorite part of the show was when Spenny did a humiliation even though he won. Like in the 'beer' episode where I puked, so I lost... but I made him believe he lost.
Are you mentally ill ? Does that include being Jewish?
Hey Kenny! How many times have you gotten in trouble with the law for some of the crazy shit in KvS? How did you get out of it? A lot. We got a lot of calls after shows have aired. Cops are mega fans. In fact, they drive me around like Taxi cabs. When cop cars see me they go 'Hey Kenny, where you going?" and they give me rides places. I fucking love those assholes.
Are you coming back to Calgary this year? I hope not.
Hey Kenny, huge fuckin fan. I'm confident that you wont be posting any pictures of Gurthanthaclops, so in that case my question would be - What competition(s) in KvS did you really want to do that never got approved/aired? Who can smoke more meth.
Huge fan of KvS as well as Triumph and Testees. Just curious what does a guy have to do to get an autographed pic of ya?! Whip out your tit when you see me.
I want my autographed picture. Aw. thats so nice.
Is Spenny aware that "Single White Spenny" is probably the worst thing made EVER! Also what do you think of it? BTW Loved Triumph of the Will, if you cant do a 7th season on KVS Please Do more TOTW. I'm so happy people loved TOTW. It's so amazing to me that I could do something that KVS loved without Spenny. When I got the gig I literally shat my pants because I literally thought there was nothing I could do that would come close to KVS.
Also super happy Spenny's show was so shitty, even though that's a horrible thing to say about a friend. But he was a real dick to me, and took me for granted. Hope he learned his lesson.
If he has learned his lesson, I'd love to do more stuff, but he needed to eat shit. Cuz he really is who he is on the show, and it really is hard working with such a dick. Especially someone you've known since you were 6. Thanks for asking, nice to rant.
Kenny, out of all the outfits and personas you have, which is your favorite? I love Helmet, Silencio, Del Taco, Kenny3000.
But my favorite is Kenny.
I really was hamming it up for you cheezers.
What was the worst episode for you? I think rapper. Cow. Some of the Season 1 stuff I felt like we weren't allowed to anything. Cuz it was CBC.
What ever happened to pilgoor? He was covered in rosemary and lemon juice.
Thank you for gracing the world with some awesome Canadian television! Which episode was the most genuine fun to film? I think 'fart' was my all-time favorite. 'Naked' was fun too. I loved shooting the show with my pals. It was just us. So much fun. I miss it.
Did you and Spencer really have a gay moment in Europe? France I think it was.. Uh, he did.
Who does a fan have to actively bother to get Triumph Of The Will a second season? Xo. Dude I ate a guy. It's over. :(
Can we please get a show of just Kenny 3000? Fuck yeah! One of my favorite characters ever. My brother's favorite as well.
Do you still like to nug out ? Nug any more.
How hungover are you? My penis is hung over my couch if that's what you mean.
How are your testicles today? They smell like a Mr. Sub assorted cold cut.
Have you tried to give the Segway another go? Fuck you segue, I fucking hate you.
Is it true Spenny went bankrupt and moved to Kingston? He also tried to plug his new show to us that only plays on a channel you have to order. needless to say I ordered it. Yeah... he's a bit of a mess. But I love him and miss him. I managed to save all my cash.
When is The Dawn coming out? Every morning baby.
Kenny, I am a huge fan. I missed your interview with Chris Hardwick at JFL42 and it was a very sad day for me. Any chance of you and Spenny releasing the script you did for Pitch or trying to get it made into a movie now that you might have more pull in the biz (and of course barring Spenny not hating you)? The script from Pitch is on the pitch DVD. Right now I'd like to make anything.
Are you still good friends with your camera crew? Yes, super close. Hang all the time. Matt's here now.
Is the Mosque you built on TOTW still up and running? Yes, the bomb didn't go off.
Hey Kenny, huge fan. Thanks for doing this AMA. Just wondering if there will ever be a Triumph of the Will Season 2 or if you are working on any similar projects?And will season 1 be released on DVD anywhere outside Canada? I want to do a new show. i'm trying to. fuck the dvd, just download it like everyone else. send me the 12.99.
Hello Kenny i am a huge fan of the show. i created this reddit account purely so i could ask you this question. on the episode who can get further with the other guys mum what really happened when you put spencers mum to bed? hope im not to late 4 u 2 respond. Honestly...
I stuck the tip of my finger into her snatch. just enough to get the smell on it. i made spenny sniff it. it never made it into the series because the broadcasters considered it incest. a strict no-no that never made the cut. i killed me it was the best ending EVER!
I saw you were a writer on Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. What the fuck was that? First gig spenny and i got paid for. made 6 g each. it was fun.
Can Spenny be blamed for the female turtle? No, he can be blamed for little boys disappearing.
Why did you eat people? Because i knew that it was the only chance anyone would get to do it. i'm kinda sorry i did, but when you get these opportunities in your life to make insane unique shit, you grab it and deal with the consequences later.
You've quite the fanbase here in Iceland. Ever thought about going there and maybe do a stand up or meet people that would be interested to work with you? I love to go there. sell some herring and send me a plane ticket!
How did you get away with all the shit your did in ToTW? Like you stole so much shit and robbed stores.. How could you put that on TV and not get in deep? Ya that was kinda stupid. but cops cant prove i did it after it was shot, nor does anyone complain. it's not like some koreans are going to call the cops if a suit is missing! and they will NEVER see the show. but i feel bad next time i'm in vegas i'll bring them some cash.
How pissed were you after Spenny tore all of your clothes after he found out that you made the note that said he had HIV? Not very.
SHITS AHOY GAYLOR!!! MORE KVS in the future??!!?!?!? Fingers crossed for a movie!
How was the experience of writing for South Park? How much of Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow was yours? Please say at least the jew gold. That's basically the only thing I ever got into South Park. But hearing Cartman do my line was fucking Biblical.
Was Audry your girlfriend during the the viral vid episode? Did you ever call up any of the girls after the who can bone more episode? Yes audrey was and still is my girlfriend. and, no. i wasn't really into any of the girls on the show. i get more pussy than tender viddles.
Can we pretend I'm famous and have me headline at the Hoxton? Just get famous!
Hey kenny, in that episode where you tricked spenny into thinking he had HIV, did you purposely let people see the house/mail address? and if so did you ever get fans ringing to say hello? No. that was an accident. we used to get people banging on the door to say hi all the time.
Hey Kenny , I have one question . What's your next show , that i can look in germany ? I miss your dirty jokes . I miss my grandparents, thanks for killing them.
Who Are you? I am the way the truth and the light.
Hey Kenny I was just curious if you've ever thought about trying and do something with the dickhouse guys who do jackass and the like? They do some out there stuff. I like their stuff but not really into the stunt shit.
Is it legal to masturbate, yes or no? Yes and it's also legal to send me the footage.
Where should I send it and do you really want me, a guy to send you my footage? Send it to spenny. it'll be my birthday present to him.
When Spenny was on top of a cliff threatening to jump off a cliff on the biggest balls challenge did you actually expect him to do it? Were you genuinely worried or did you assume he was full of shit and threw him a bone? Threw him the bone 100% i hated that so much what a baby. i had to keep feeding him shit like that now and then so he'd keep doing the show. so annoying, hate that about him.
Kenny, I am a huge fan! I don't know why but I never get tired of KvS. I've watched every episode so many times! What is your favourite KvS episode you guys have done to date? My top two are Meat and Drunk. Never gets old. Fart. meat and drunk are in top 10.
Kenny! This will probably get buried but i have to ask.. Is Spencer really that naive/stupid? There were moments when i thought the show was scripted, because of how naive he was. Miss your show! Take care Ya i also made him look pretty bad in the edits...
Huge fan of KvS and TotW here! My question is did the placenta you ate actually taste good enough to eat again? Also, what is your favorite aushwitz/hitler joke? I can't stop laughing when I remember: "my grandfather died in auschwitz, he fell out of the guard tower shooting jews" Placenta was gross, tasted like Kid liver kidney. Let me tell you why I make holocaust jokes. It's cuz everybody hates the jews and I figure if I'm self-deprecating maybe they'll think twice about insulting the original Master Race.
Spenny appeared on Top Chef Canada as a guest judge. Given the fact that you are the one who actually can cook and appreciate good food, any chance we could expect to see you on Top Chef? I'm so pissed about this. I bumped into the producers and told them I wanted to be a judge on the show. I guess they retardedly called Spenny (not being fans) and he took my spot. They told me I can be on the 2nd season. I said "fuck you, the only way I'd go after Spenny would be to stab Jesus."
If you could bang any celebrity, who would it be? Marylin Monroe. Got a shovel?
Who came up with the opening cinematic and the audio track for the intro to KvS? Me thats why i'm in all the shots and spenny's face gets covered in each panel. i even screwed him in that! he wasnt around much for post production. also the music was modeled from "procreation of the wicked" celtic frost.
Kenny, I just watched the "Who Can Eat the Most Meat?" episode of Kenny vs Spenny for the 100th time, and then watched the pork episode of "Triumph of the Will". Which one of those is the real Kenny? P.S Every character in any video game I make is named Pilgore now. Both, but 1 is older and wiser. not sure which 1 though.
Hey there sailor boy! What happened to Dr. Goldfield and how did you meet him? He's still around. and one of the office pa's in season 1 knew him and thought he'd be good for the show.
For your law breaking episode, what research did you do beforehand to find all the laws to break? Searched 'what laws to break' - but i knew that there was old stupid laws from the 1800's that i could fuck with. ps. that's matt stone's favourite show!
Come to Australia some time? There are tonnes of fans here. Would be fuuun. Dying to go!
Who made the intro of the KVS episodes? Me.
Are you by any chance related to terence mckenna? Yes.
Has there ever been a competition that the producers wouldn't allow? I'm the producer!
Did you ever get attacked on the streets of Toronto when you were doing Maurice Del Taco? I mean it's obviously rude to gays. Haha. Actually, we have a large fan base in the gay community, including Spencer.
Did you plan on throwing the homeless cum in spennys face or was that a spur of the moment thing? Spur of the moment. i cant believe i did it. felt so bad afterwards. and it's not homeless cum, it's probably from cab drivers and anonymous gay johns.
Saw you were still anwsering questions, why did spennys mother never want to be seen? Would you want to be seen if you gave birth to spenny?
Hi Kenny! My big brother is a huge fan of you and KvsS, is there any chance in the world you could write something for him on a piece of paper and hold it next to your glorious face? :DD I understand if that's too much to ask!! Ok!
what happened to yarp yarp? xD. He's cryogenically frozen in area 51.
How was your "Brown sugar" ? Swwweeettt.
Wheres your club? On the corner of google ave and search lane.
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